I'll Never Win as Hunter


…And it sucks! I play on PS4 and played on launch. It was fun for a while, but after a month it had gotten pretty repetitive and I decided to move on. I mostly played monsters, but I did enough hunter’ing to unlock all the hunters n progress a bit, etc.
So I came back to play a bit, and I’m afraid I’ll never win a match as hunter ever again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not great at it - monster was always my forte - but I was passably competent at least. But now… ugh. I mean, I know I sound like a dozen other people that do the whole, ‘I lost, and it’s everyone’s fault but mine!’, but… man, it just kept putting me in with completely incompetent people over and over.
I don’t mean it in the ‘we lost; you all must suck’ way. Let me give you an example: I have counted. God knows keeping count has made it drive me EVEN MORE MAD… but I have. This week 17 times. SEVENTEEN TIMES. Have I had someone playing Lazarus run over to me when I’m down and manually revive me instead of using the glove. The first two times, I swore it was a fluke. Just… just bad luck. Someone not thinking. After 10 times I started just abandoning a match as soon as it happened. Just, no. I’m going to lose anyway, I’ll save time and give up now.
So it just happened to me again, and I shut the game off. Turned the machine off. Walked away to the PC and have semi-calmly ranted about it in the one place I expect people might be able to appreciate the frustration. I’ve given up on the hunter thing, therefore. I can’t win in those conditions, and I preferred monster anyway. And that’s just one example of stuff I’ve dealt with. One ability from one character of one type. I can assure you, it wasn’t limited to Lazarus players.
Anyway. I’ve ranted. Feels better. Now to go meditate with some herbal incense until I feel calm.


I try to give the more bad players helpful advice. Most will listen if you are nice to them. Keep your head up. You will win plenty in due time.


Hi, best thing you can do is to find 3 decent people, add them and play with them.

Your W/L ratio will boost dramatically and also waiting times woll be much shorter.

You played a game and Support was good ? Boom add him etc etc…

Or you can use these 2 links to find PS4 players

Or you can wait for patch 9.0 in which the game will go through large overhaul and should be less frustrating a much more enjoyable


I hear you… You have to find a team which i never did. Thats why i have 425 hunt 2.0 matches as the monster and only 5 as hunters! Lol


If you want to play hunters seriously, you have to find a bunch of good Players and team up with them. Trust me it get’s much better! And it’s easier than you might think :bucket_salute:


Look for a good group and communicate well … you will have a blast

That’s my only advice … pubs is stressful and not enjoyable most of the time

Most pubs players don’t know how to play as a team


Still like to play with pubs (who cares about winning and loosing). Just use your mic. That is the most important thing you can do to improve team-play.
Keep calm and talk nonsens. :smiley:


i usually win if I get emet or hank in pubs but if I’m crow on wraith also possibly a win but always loses to kraken