I'll be on the twitch stream [in the past] talking about Evolve dialog at 3pm PDT


If you have any questions about any of the fiction or heroes or anything writing related, come on by.

Or we could just talk about how brilliant FURY ROAD was!

3PM PST, set your watch!



That a movie?


Were all Basilisk soldiers bug people or was there more variety?


what time is this planned :smiley:


Whats your twitch name Ir are you using one of the evolve accounts?


Countdown to the stream: http://itsalmo.st/#timetochatwithmatthew



I’ll participate ONLY if we don’t spoil FURY ROAD :grin: Not seeing until Saturday!

Sounds like fun though, thanks for the heads UP!


What’s up with that whole story about the old lady with an Exo Suit or battle armor?


3pm they tell me, PST


Cool beans! Will have to try to make it :smiley:


It’s the TRS account.


Holy shit Matthew stream. This is gonna spawn an entire generation of Evolve lore nerds.


I dunno if this is what’s gonna get flag. What gets to me is when people flag my “git gud” posts.

git gud, flaggers.

EDIT- Well, that’s ironic.


No film spoilers!


Thanks just saw the link pop up in your post a while ago.


My twitch account doesn’t work all!


Oh btw if anyone hasnt been on the twitch app for a while they got rid of it anf made a new one


Will we be hearing any of the new dialog for the upcoming title update? Or maybe see the script for the voice lines?


Can you make sure to archive the stream I can only watch the first 30 minutes