I'll answer questions about Goliath (experienced player)


Hey, I’m an experienced Goliath player and I would like to help people out that are having trouble with Goliath. I am by no means pro but I have a pretty easy time winning at the higher levels (level 30-40) and I love to teach.

My steam name is “SALGE GIRTH-ZILLA”, you can add me if you’d like.

Go ahead and leave specific questions you have and I might be able to answer them.

I also stream here and if you catch me streaming I’d gladly answer any questions via stream too.


Here’s a little update for people that have been following me for advice :smiley: !
I am now with team SALGE and I plan on participating in tournaments and hopefully we’ll be able to compete with the top players!

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

What’s your stage 1, 2 and 3 builds?

Can you elaborate on them? Thanks!


My stage one build is always 2 Firebreath and 1 leap smash/charge depending on which skill I think will be the most effective (like say you want leap smash to jump over mines). At level 2 it really depends on who I am facing, if I am facing a Markov then I know I need that level 3 Rock throw to not only get rid of mines, but smack people standing in mines out of them without getting hurt. Say there is a Cabot/Parnell then I will max out that firebreath and leapsmash/charge because the best defense against a hard offense like that is also a hard offensive damage build. My level 3 build always ends up like this:

Against offensive team: 3Fire/3charge/3leap

Against defensive team: 3rock/3leap(or or charge)/3fire

Edit: I’m starting to play with more utility to see how it fairs, I usually end with 3rock/3fire/2leap/1 charge.


oh hey i watched you play against gentlemansquirrel and sacriel’s squad last night. griffin is a pain in the ass when they have good aim huh


I actually have the timing down when to turn around and expect a hook before I jump :smiley: . But yeah a good Griffin can be a pain in the ass. That map I dislike highly because there’s not a lot of hiding room… so you can’t really sneak around good hunters :frowning: .


iv had that issue on some maps as well. wraith trap is a choke point madhouse.


What do you do for defend? I’m fine with the other modes, but I can’t get down a winning strategy for Defend. By the time the turrets are down, the dome’s up and the hunters are chewing through my health bar. What abilities do you tend to take?


Oh I don’t play much defend but you HAVE to get that level 3 rock throw to take the turrets out. Try and exploit the rock throw distance, on some maps you can actually throw rocks so far and hit the generator where the hunters can’t even see you.
(test this out in solo matches to get it down). Also in defend try not to kill people you down if possible because that’s extra time they won’t come back in the drop ship.

I think the best way to play this game style is minimize your actions with the hunters while maximizing your actions damaging the generator. But again I don’t really play this mode :stuck_out_tongue: .


Actually its best to put two points into Fire Breath and one into charge every time. Fire breath is much more effective at taking out mines and can take multiple mines out with one use, you often burn multiple hunters as well who are often cowering behind them

I put absolutely no points into Rock Throw cause I find it pretty useless, its hard to aim and you still remain at a distance from the hunters which you don’t want while charge and leap smash closes the distance whilst doing damage.

I almost exclusively play as Goliath and won 47 matches so far as him and never lost once.

During defend I also use this build, I leap smash into the turret to start followed by charge and finish with fire breath then finish the turret off with a few normal attacks and it goes down before my armor is depleted.


Strongly disagree. Rock throw is almost mandatory against Caira/Val + Hank combos. I used to think Rock Throw was useless but now I always go 3 points stage 2. I personally use Flame 1 and Leap 2 and stage 1 as Leap Smash is his second best damage ability and flame breath is still long enough to take out mines.


You won’t lose until you play against a competitive team or really good hunters. But I think rock throw is a must in certain situations (being hunter related). Trust me you may think you have the game down, but there will be that team that will change your way of how to play the game. I thought the game was easy, until I started practicing with a competitive team that usually kills pub monsters stage 1 every game.


I see gamers evolving around me :wink:

just kidding. but then again ive never gone goliath without rock throw since the big alpha…so theres that. next thing i know everyone will be running aftershock kraken primarily lol


Not really, even if you manage to hit one of them with Rock Throw they are gonna undo that damage before you can close in to keep up the pressure, either that or they’re gonna dodge it entirely.
Rock throw is actually pretty easy to dodge when you know you’re its intended target.
Healing and shielding combos are easy to counter by just constantly switching targets and dealing damage to more than one target simultaneously whenever possible. I roll over any hunter team regardless of what support or medic they got.

One thing Caira players always do when in trouble is spam the hell out of their healing grenades on themselves to heal of which case I then switch targets and attack the others of which they cannot do anything cause they spent all their grenades healing themselves and have to wait for it to recharge.


I played through multiple competitive teams of friends, one team before the battle even bragged how they won the last 10 matches but laughably became silent when I beat them senseless during the match. Be they randoms or groups of friends, they all go down just the same.


I’ve been having extreme sucess with leap/charge/fire stage 1 -> 3xrock throw stage 2.

Rock throw is an absolute requirement to take down beam teams or caira! also it counter roaching tactics.


Rock throw is not only a means for damage but also a way of throwing an opponent you target away from the group. It’s also used to destroy mines and if you have good aim you will hit your target every time.


My love for Rock Throw is too much at this point… I was the same as you if you remember Madd… no love for the Rock Throw and I also had way too much love for Flame Breath. Now I love Rock Throw for its utility and that “OMG where’d my health go!” damage.


That’s been my popular for me as well. I always run 1/1/1 with no rock throw because it’s it’s not really great at stage one or at level one. Then I will usually drop either 2 or 3 points into rock throw and the other into charge or rock smash depending on the situation or my mood.

Edit: On a side note my Goliath love is through the roof right now. Thought I would only love the leading lady but Goliath is such a boss… he really is. Getting really good with him now mechanically as that’s what was holding me back a little bit before.


Rock Throw normally can only take out one mine at a time unless some noob Assault puts them in a extremely tight cluster right next to each other while a good fire breath can take multiple mines out at a time.
Also as you said not only does Rock Throw keep you at a distance from the hunters it can put even more distance between you and whoever you hit with your Rock Throw, being far away from the hunters as Goliath is something you want to avoid.
Fire Breath is a must have move since it can damage multiple hunters at a time, leaves a damage over time effect on them, and reveals any and all players who try to cloak.

Using Leap Smash and Charge allows you to just deal more damage over all since it closes the distance, inflicts damage and enables you to immediately follow up with other moves and attacks while Rock Throw does hit hard but does not really set you up to combo your attacks effectively, which is why they made it hit as hard as it does in the first place to compensate for this.


Knocking away the healer or assault easily can turn the tide in a fight. Without the assault you are free to smash things without fear of taking much damage. If you knock back the Healer they won’t be able to get to your victim(s) in time. Rock Throw is also a lot easier to aim once you get practice. I would say I have a good 90+% accuracy with it. The nice thing is that if you hold the button while looking at someone you intend to throw it at, they will jetpack dodge away and then be out of juice and that is when you throw it.