Ignored by 2K, and Microsoft for a REFUND


I have now had my level, progression, stats, Character Mastery reset to ZERO and One. This is the THIRD time it has happened. Just now after a match was over I went from level 12, to level 1 when the match finished and went back to player searching.
I have requested a refund from 2K and Xbox Live. Only response I have gotten is from 2K where they are offering to unlock all characters for me. Why would I even want this, when my level, progression, and character mastery are constantly being reset!
I want a refund, I do not want to put another second into this game. I have had hours lost in THREE separate cases for the game losing ALL progress. Even the Gamma, and screen size are reset and I have to be made to make those setting when I start the game back up.
This is the first time I have ever bough a Digital copy of a game from Xbox Store. If I bought it on disc a store would take it back, however now that I am stuck with this digital copy the companies don’t care that they have sold me a broken buggy game. If I had of bought this from GameStop or Best Buy I would have been refunded, traded for a different game, or gotten in-store credit. Now that I am trapped in a Digital Transaction 2K refuses to do what is right other than offer unlocked characters that I can’t level up because the game keeps resetting my LEVELS!


Keep at it man. Hopefully you can get 2K to do something more.



Microsoft Xbox Live customer service listened to me, and have given me a full refund.
Thank you Microsoft. And to 2K and TurtleRock I will never buy a game from you again. I will Gamefly it.


Thanks for the encouragement, I am sure my post seems like a ignorant rant, but I am upset and feel robbed.


See! I was right lol

edit. I would still try to get 2K to return your masteries or levels though


They did for my buddy, 2k responded in v the hour and they couldn’t restore his levels but they did restore his unlocks.


All of the weapon masteries were restored too?


In a case like this, where the character progression is kept by 2K, i would blame 2K more than TRS. They had their part in it, sure, b/c otherwise it wouldn’t be linked through 2K… but if I had to guess, 2K forced that on them.

I am completely sorry that you had such a bad experience. I wouldn’t go as far as to never buy another TRS game (unless it comes with a 2K label…) but i would certainly wait past launch to see what the potential bugs/issues are before even attempting it.

Ofc, all that is only opinion, and it’s not your opinion, but my opinion. (not being sarcastic) feel free to have and own your own opinion. I just wanted to write my two cents (:



Think I’ll go for that, Still not had the entire content I paid for since launch. :frowning:


Game was fully refunded by Microsoft. Game was removed from my system. I feel 100 percent better. Thanks Myala for responding positive.
Also for everyone else staying positive even though my first post was angry and ignorant.
I was extremely upset right after this Third reset happened. 2K only offered to give me all characters unlocked. As I said what good would that do, if my level and progression is constantly and randomly reset? Even the Gamma and Screen size is reset and it’s like I never played the game before.
I will still stick by my statement of only using GameFly of 2K and TurtleRock, Unless TurtleRock goes somewhere else other than 2K.


After 3 resets I think your reaction is understandable. It is not something that is supposed to happen and was not something people noticed in the beta. You individually got a product that was worse than the one you tested. Things like this are why there are lemon laws for cars. Is there anything you think that might have caused each of them? This is a problem I am worried about since I have xbox one also.


After the first reset I read about possible problems, and I read that going to different consoles by using the Cloud might cause it. So after the first time, I never switched consoles again. I only played it at the console at my home. However, I do not know what caused the second and third reset.
The second one happened the next day after me just going into play it for the first time after last night of playing for hours. This most recent time, the match had just finished, and it went to the character select screen and waiting for players screen, and I saw that my level was now 1 instead of 12.
I hope this doesn’t happen to you. I have 3 friends with this game and it hasn’t happened to them. Good Luck!


That sucks. My brother had a complete reset when he was level 24/25 and he got this weird glitch where he couldn’t even try and reopen everything, all his stats were coming up as negative values of what they had been and not shifting (example laz needs 60 revives or whatever to open mastery star2, brother had 57, it currently shows -57 and wont get up when he gets revives). So I understand the frustration.

Glad to hear refunds got sorted. Give it a month to see if all this stuff straightens out and then jump back in if you feel up to it. I think the game is too fun to leave it completely and you’d miss out.


Thanks, that is the bad part. I LOVE the game, and I truly enjoyed it when I played. However, have hours of progression lost three times just made me not want to play it ever again. Especially not knowing when it could happened again since it just happened 3 times pretty much back to back.


Yeah fair enough. Heartbreaking.


I understand ur frustration i would be pretty upset if this happened to me but for all of those who are still sticking with the game this problem seems to be the primary focus of the devs when it comes to a patch.