IGN new maps, gamemode teaser and new tier footage


can anyone like breakdown the video to key segments and see everything they have, you know all the details and whatnot im too lazy but heres the new footage of maps and the new hunters sheeeea . It is the video at the top of the screen, there saying for the month of november they will release each new hunters i guess info 4 new maps and game modes starting monday im juiicedddd http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/31/the-ign-first-game-for-november-isevolve?watch


new medic has a shotty andd doesnt look like to have a medgun? not sure what it is, shows i think a new kraken skin at the beginning, new maps, NEW GAMEMODE is to kill EGGS AND MINIONS and i guess monster defends them so props to dude who guessed that


new medic has a damn fire shotgun and heal like dart i guess?


Apologies, we have a thread on this already! :slight_smile: