IGN First, the new map, Orbital Drill


Check it out. I have to say I adore this map. It’s almost entirely vertical, and unlike everywhere else it’s barren in the majority.


That is awesome. All those platforms the Goliath can leap across and the acid pools making you really think about where you pick your fights as the hunter. Shame it’s yet another map where Hank can’t go all out in the final battle due to a roof, but the confined space should make things very tense, it also opens up new considerations for the Kraken which I welcome with open arms. I usually only stick one point in Aftershock to pick targets off, if I even use it at all, but if the game’s going to go long I might even go up to rank 3 with it thanks to that confined space.


Also nice to see that Kraken DOES have a victory screech, just glitched during the alpha


Nice, these maps looks all so great and big. Wonder how much time goes into just one map,
over 1 year? :slight_smile:


Very cool! This will definately be a unique map to play on and it seems to be the one to not destroy the generator on. SO many tranqs while up there. Can’t wait to see the other maps. Espicially that daytime map.


This map looks AWESOME. The game play video sucked! Especially for a map reveal, they didn’t go anywhere and it didnt even show us the unique generator fight :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess they wanted the focus more on the map and not on the fight :wink:


but they didnt go anywhere to really show us the map! :frowning:


Yeah I wanna see a full Kraken maw spread!


You’ll have to wait until tomorrow night ( MAYBE they show it more :slight_smile: ) or the beta.


I am sure they will show us more on Abe and orbital drill tomorrow! and I am CONFIDENT there WILL be a pc beta! There HAS to be!


on another note, did anyone notice some new features, like the kick player? You get a flash at the start of the Hyde game play


I am missing so much new stuff :frowning:


Also restart round? I wonder what that does


I would assume it restarts the round.


Well yeah, but I wonder if it is like a vote thing, or something that they have as devs just for ease while testing, and it wont be in the release


Interesting new map! I love the layout and the new hazards. It looks rather similar to the dam, but with a bit of new wildlife. I’d say the best part is how many nooks and crannies there are to hide in and climb around. Oh, and that tight little generator room is going to be a big game changer. Trap team is going to be terrifying on that map.

So now we know our four biomes: forest, desert, tundra, and acid. This last one kinda surprises me, but I’m excited to see how it works out! I’m also curious to see if there will be other ones in the future. I still think tropical or volcanic biomes would be so cool.


I think it makes it easier for the devs , would be anoying if the hunters keep voting to restart the round when close to losing.


Psh, like I will ever get to see a game go to stage three before I win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ANy youtube link yet?, i seriously just can’t bring myself to watch EVOLVE related videos at 360p. IGN’s site never loads any of the higher resolutions for me (located in denmark), and i really want to watch this stuff!