IGN First - Evolve (New Hunters, Maps and Gamemodes)


Help to make a future monster, we’re doing it based off of @SledgePainter basic concept from another thread still early in the works


A spider with webs to track the motions of the hunters and wildlife would make me happier than any inherent stealth. Hiding works well enough as it is if you’re careful.

I’d also love encasing hunters in webbing if only to bait others to attempt to free them.

But that may just be the trapper in me spilling over into monster territory.


I am the other way around! I kept trying to smell as hunters…


Is this supported by devs?? Can U add a link to the thread?


lol… no. Sorry


Here’s the link and no it’s not supported by the dev’s. But they will… They will.


Lolol I’ve seen the thread before! Hum good luck with that! :smiley:


I’m feeling like Chimera could be it with these vibes I’m getting.


Chimera Intelligence Group 9



No expiration date. The question is, how many wildlife can you dart before the monster stages up? :wink:


Also, Tag the elites. ALL THE TIME

It will try for the elite 'Bill or Tyrant.


Sounds like a challenge!


I actually guessed ‘Celestial’ because I looked through your posts, Matthew, and was reading the little bits of lore and stuff that you’ve said over time in various threads. I think you mentioned the Celestial corporation and I rushed back here to throw my guess in with the others’. :blush:


CIG9 stands for Counter-intelligence Group 9. I modelled it after GSG9.


I’m really looking forward to getting more info about these darts. There’s no way these can be as OP as they sound. There has to be something that balances them out, otherwise the game will devolve into a continuos chase.


Yeah. Watch as every wildlife on the map has one of these tags in them and the hunters know where the moster is 24/7. There has to be something we don’t know that makes them not as OP as they sound. Maybe the darts take a few seconds to update so for a few seconds the monster can go any direction without the hunters knowing.


The tracking will be anoying once you are stage 2 and 3, i don’t see myself eating near the hunters spawn when i’m stage 1.


Yeah. i guess when Abe is there, run as far away as possible so you can eat without getting tracked. When Abe is around, it doesn’t matter if you run or sneak. They’ll find you either way. Daisy finds you when you hide, Griffen finds you when you run, Abe finds you when you eat. The next hunter should find the monster through a heart sensor or a artifial smell. It has about 1/2 the range of the monster’s smell.


I don’t know for sure, but I think @MacMan said tracked wildlife doesn’t pop up when you smell. If that is so then it isn’t that bad, but if your not smelling and just start eating wildlife left and right then there is a high chance one might be tagged and then all I gotta say is run and count to 45


I don’t think the tracker darts sound OP at all. It’s going to take a while for Abe to get meaningful coverage on the wildlife with those darts… he can only shoot the wildlife near him after all. As a monster, a counter to when you know Abe is in the game is to avoid as much as possible going back to areas you’ve already been or that you know the hunters have passed through.

Obviously it gets harder and harder to avoid as the game gets further along, but that’s exactly where the balance is - Abe is not good at all at finding the monster in early game, but very good at it in late game. With Maggie as the trapper, monster wants to get distance first and foremost. With Abe as trapper, monster doesn’t care as much about distance at first if he can stay sneaky and not leave tracks - he should pay attention to where the hunters have gone and make sure he feasts in areas they haven’t been yet.