IGN First - Evolve (New Hunters, Maps and Gamemodes)

Yeah man!!! Tht super soldier is pretty sweet!!! Combined with the personal shield, and the damage amplifier, OOOOOO MAAAAANNN!!!

This nest mode is pretty depressing to me on so many levels.

Aside from their appearances and associated glow/element, my favorite part of the monsters was that they were the only of their kind, and that made them unique. But now there are just loads of goliaths and krakens.

In addition, this gamemode seems really difficult for the monster. I don’t know what I’d do, but it just seems slanted towards the hunters.

Don’t worry. Nest is non-canon.

NEST definitely looks to be a very promising and very tactical game mode, one with higher stakes and unrelenting chaos!

I can, however, understand how this mode can seem more favorable to the Hunters than the Monster. The Monster has to guard the eggs, while taking on the Hunters players, and potentially having to take the time Evolve to be powerful enough to stand a firm chance in attaining victory. Plus if you hatch an egg, it will in turn, sacrifice one within its place. Making the task feel more pressuring than fun.

It may seem like not much of a problem, but I can understand how this can feel stressful upon a Monster-player.

Hunters, all they have to do is either kill the main Monster-player, or destroy all the eggs before the end of the match. They have their own penalty if they are killed of course, but still, the stakes aren’t entirely too firm on their end.

( BUT)

I feel that the mode is adaptable enough that it can be survivable when playing as the Monster. The Monster has a decent head start to hunt, gain armor, and be prepared once the Hunters arrive, and the Monster can see the location of all of the eggs, while the Hunters can’t see them at all. It all depends on how you approach your situation.

As shown within the NEST gameplay reveal, it’s most likely that Hunter players will be more concern with the eggs, then they are with the Monster. Meaning they most likely won’t be focused on sticking together as a team, which means predictable “strays”. As the monster, you can hunt them down, kill them, than focus on adapting your situation from there.

Do I hunt down the rest and kill them solo? Do I take this chance to hatch an egg and crush the Hunters with the minion? Or do I take the opportunity cost of sacrificing an egg, so that I can feed and Evolve, to become stronger and better guard the remaining eggs?

In the wise words of Master Splinter “There is no right or wrong, only choices.” To me, in NEST mode, that is all that it really comes down to, to achieve victory. Choices. Be mindful of your penalties, of your stakes, but never let them weigh down on the choices that could potentially decide the outcome of a match. Besides, you’re the monster, WRECK FACE and teach little Jr. Goliath how it’s done! :slight_smile:


Phill Robb said somewhere in the forums: “the third monsters reveal is really close, can’t remember the exact date though” (something like that, I will try to find the exact words)

That’s pretty much it exactly;


There she is :stuck_out_tongue:

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You get 100 bonus points for quoting Master Splinter.

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Phil Tells IGN More About Nest

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So I guess IGN’s done with reveals? Shame they had nothing for the last two days, but I love what I saw. Only thing bugging me about nest mode is that every beast seems to hatch bebby Goliaths, which kinda throws me off XD Woulda been pretty cool if A) They hatch mini versions of themselves or B) a creature with a new model hatched out.

Goliath is a good choise tho :slight_smile: stage 1 kraken minion would be even weaker :confused:

@MacMan I believe you told us you would go into more detail on why it can only be Lil Goli’s when we had some more time to digest the IGN stuff… Well… I think we’re feeling a little hungry again lol.

The AMA is in 2 weeks? you can ask it then :slight_smile:

Lets talk about that again when the other game modes are revealed.


What is an AMA that I keep seeing?

‘Ask Me Anything’
Basically a Q and A that’s happening next week on Reddit.


So… November is over… Guess that means the IGN reveals are as well? The last video I saw still said to stick around for more stuff on Evolve though :no_mouth:

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Monster Monster Monster! :smiley: (Hoping anyway)

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Did we ever find out what happens when you kill the monster in Nest?