IGN First - Evolve (New Hunters, Maps and Gamemodes)


IGN just revealed they will be doing coverage of Evolve this November. In this coverage, there will be new maps, new Hunters, and new gamemodes revealed.

Revealed Content


  • New Map: Orbital Drill

  • New Map: Armory

  • New Map: Rendering Plant

  • New Map: Refueling Tower


  • Abe of the Trapper Class

  • Cabot of the Support Class

  • Parnell of the Assault Class

  • Caira of the Medic Class


  • New Gamemode: Nest


A (very) few details on new hunters and gamemode
Welcome Abe to the hunter's (new reveal!)
Introducing Caira the medic

This is pure torture.


Oh sweet! The final Hunters each week? HYYYYYPE! :slight_smile:


New Support character:

New Medic character:


Never spotted the new Medic, great find :slight_smile:


Looks like we’re getting that egg protection mode!
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/1/f/1f6be4b98a744a25b1bd916b6b7b9adab6168f07.png" width=“295” height=“345”

‘Protect eggs and minions’

Monster Egg

Um, why have the posts been deleted?


Sorry guys, little miscommunication. Great find @Ziekky, you knew that was in the video before I did. Congratulations :slight_smile:

And here’s a link to the article - http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/10/31/the-ign-first-game-for-november-isevolve?watch


Sweet, cant wait to see the new maps and hunters


I was expecting the next girl character to be assault lol, she looks abit like jill valentine :smiley: The new guns looked really interesting aswell


“this video is private”
i needs to see the new shiz!!!


sorry if i say this But the third monster?


Why is it private!!! I wanna see!!


I think I deserve this considering my lack of being able to play on my PS4, better yet I need this.


Looks like the third trapper uses a shotgun, the medic has grenade launchers, and the support has a laser of some kind? Interesting!


Uooooo tons of news! :smile:

Medic with grenade launcher: flaming or healing grenades, cool.
Assault with automatic rocket-launcher.
Trapper with Pistol and Shotgun???
Support with 2 huge guns (one is laser-type) and some kind of mines?

The new mode as the hunters says: Destroy all eggs and minions. Nice!


New medic looks cool. Can’t wait for the reveals!


The new hunters first impression, only by the looks, seems that they lack a bit of charisma or are underdeveloped. Probably not finished/polished yet. Maybe is just me? :smile:


New Support looks pretty cool, his clothes and pose remind me of a ship captain, I reckon he owns the Laure Ann :slight_smile: His red laser turned other Hunter’s health bars yellow - perhaps it buffs them somehow?

You do get a glimpse of the new Assault, he’s holding the rocket launcher like it’s a pistol , he’s like a huge space marine :open_mouth: and one of his abilities is a fist icon - how could would that be to uppercut the Goliath in the face??

Love the Grenade Heal gun, more skillful to land that Val’s gun so hopefully it’ll have a higher return. Her left button could be a movement speed buff for herself and the team? That would rock!

Looking forward to the weekly reveals :smiley:


Looks like we have a red-devilish skin for kraken ^^ .

This looks interesting . I assume its some kind of snare :smiley: .