IGN Features a Bucket Quote on Snapchat


So today when browsing through the IGN news feed on Snapchat I came across this familiar face:

IGN features a game quote nearly everyday and it would seem they haven’t forgotten about Evolve.
(Or it’s Duke Nukem reference)



IGN knows evolves awesome :smiley:


That’s awesome. Great quote too!


what do the comments say on the post?


Can’t make posts on Snapchat stories.


Not a bad quote.

Prepare for BucketFall! And copyright infringement…


Not surprised. IGN gave it a 9


Help me, I don’t understand snap chat


Would you like me to give a brief summary on this?


Yo tampoco :<


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @LadieAuPair

In general, Snapchat is basically a tool that you use to send 10 second videos or images to anyone on your friends list, you can also post things on your “Story” where they can be replayed infinitely for 24 hours. After something has been opened or the 24 hour time limit on your story is reached then the image/video is deleted forever.

Recently it’s extended itself to be used in temporary/permanent texting, calling, video calling, etcetera.

Additionally there are news outlets that you can view on Snapchat ***(this is what pertains to this thread)***. These news outlets include (but are not limited to):

  • BuzzFeed
  • IGN
  • iHeart Radio
  • Cosmopolitan

and more.

News Feeds contain a set number of information (typically 10-20 slides of interesting/odd/other content that fall under their domain) that they can post in a day. Similar to a story this information is retained for 24 hours until it is purged and replaced by another set of slides.

IGN’s slides for today are primarily focused on “Captain America: Civil War” and the “#TeamCap” side of things but given that they are IGN also include gaming content, today’s quote being from our favorite maintenence robot chasis Bucket.


This all sounds terrible. Am I secretly old? Should I be telling you to get off my lawn?


0_o that’s odd lol

  1. Think of it as YouTube but for people with attention span deficiencies.

  2. We’re all old to some people, but we are all young to others.

  3. Yes… yes you should.

For example:

I could take a picture of an amazing sunset… but that’ll only be there for 24 hours. If I say took a picture of your comment right now and posted it, it would be available for everyone I know on Snapchat to see until April 26th, 2016; 9:34PM and then it would be gone forever.

It’s something I check like, once a day and then I feel my brain hurting.


Its okay. I don’t like Snapchat either. I also don’t use twitter.