IGN Discusses getting into Evolve


So IGN had a fan ask if it’s too late to get into games like Destiny and Evolve this late into it’s lifespan for fear of being behind or having it be too hard or unfun in the beginning. Here’s what they had to say about it.


Saw this awhile back, that one guy that originally reviewed the game still kinda likes it. Everyone else seems like they haven’t played it since beta.


Oh my god! Something about Evolve that wasnt trash talking!


Nothing against new players, but they`ve mentioned some solid points:

  • Skill-gap
  • Punishment for failures
  • Learning teamplay by randoms


I feel like it’s never to late to try and learn; that being said, I can’t imagine trying to learn Monster play this late.

You need to know every Hunter’s kit, all their weaknesses, when to sneak, which Trappers render sneaking useless. I think picking up Hunter is easier than trying to learn good Monster play when there’s 20 Hunters, and 4 adaptions.


Until you scroll down…


Oops. Meant to say “wasn’t” not was.


It’s also possible if you watched a lot of Evolve videos.
In such a case, you’d only need roughly two matches to be good.

Or if someone tells you good advice during games, and you actually follow them, I’m sure you can be ok.


When was that video from


January 17th 2016.


This, SO much. And I still feel like I’m learning. Hell, I’ve started to appreciate Leap Smash way to late and how powerfull it is. Oh well, better late than never.


I agree with the gentleman mostly talking about evolve, it is a bit harder for newer players to get ahold of the concept of each Hunter, for me it took a bit to get the hang of the trappers but after practice in single player I became a pretty good trapper, medic was easiest for me because I enjoyed how the class worked, I remember one match where I was caira and the support player was Hank and by the way the guy played I knew he was new to the game. He never shielded me, wasn’t very good with the orbital and almost never cloaked, but instead of ripping him a new one (like our assault did) I told him it’d be best if he do a few single player matches, try other classes and he’d get the hang of it


Seriously, playing solo or evac with an AI monstet or customs is so important. I’ll never understand these low level people who only have tier 1 unlocked and decide to jump into ranked. Are you kidding? You just end up killing your team and looking like an ass.

This game has the largest learning curve of any MP game I’ve played, but it can be really fun once you get the hang of it.


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