IGM wants to challenge YouTube's dickheadedness

IG Metall, the world’s largest independent trade union, is teaming up with the YouTubers’ Union to put their collective foot down and take Google to court. This video brings up lots of legal concerns with YouTube’s behavior, as well as ethical ones, and essentially serves as an ultimatum: change YouTube’s questionable policies, or EU law will come into play.

I don’t know if the corporate hivemind that is Google is willing to comply or even able to lose this fight, but this could be a historic moment regardless of how it plays out. Hold on to your butts, because this platform could get a whole lot better or a whole lot worse in the coming years.



Considering the FTC and other three letter organizations inside the United States have started weighing down on Google, it’s only a matter of time. There’s a whole slew of philosophical and political issues that don’t have much place here, but suffice to say some senators in Congress are looking to go after Google and other Tech companies for election meddling and (possibly) anti-trust.

Putting political opinions aside, this is good. More pressure means they’ll change and come back to being neutral or destroy themselves.


With how “advertiser friendly” YouTube tries to be, they will probably comply to avoid the bad press.


Probably the best use of this gif. Ever. Of all time.


Bumping this thread because there is a notable update. Aside from a recent Q&A video Joerg released, there’s now an actual response from YT. It’s as hollow and meaningless as you would expect.


thanks for the bump or else i wouldnt have noticed this thread.

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