If you're not playing the wraith


you’re making the world a little bit better

i tend to take goliath/kraken while playing as the monster so i don’t take the “fun” from the hunters.

anyways, give me all your how to counter wraith tips so i don’t suck at the game. currently lvl 26 with all hunters and monsters unlocked.


a cabot and parnel work well at taking her down or get the wraith to run into a cluster of markov’s mines


Hyde is perfect to counter her, his flametower, his minigun AND his nades just blow her up.

Take the faster gun-changing buff and everything will be fine.


80% of killing a good wraith is working around Decoy. For the love of all that is fricken holy please don’t throw a dome the moment you see a ‘wraith’ that pops around a corner. It is almost always, always a Decoy. Also, once you know they Decoy, find out if they are engaging or ‘hiding’. If they are hiding, it can only move so far. Usually it’s to climb up something or hide around a corner/in a bush. If they are not engaging, spread out a tiny bit more. You can also spray rapidly the area where Decoy is formed to find the real one. Just keep shooting it. It will either take free damage or cancel the decoy to warp away.


anything that dose fire damage will make her flash when using decoy (when she is on fire every tick of damage will uncloak her for a second)


Cabot’s dust gets removed with a single decoy use.
Doesn’t work, back to the drawing board.


Incorrect. Using Decoy passes the ‘Dust’ to the Decoy. If the Decoy dissipates and the ‘dust tag’/dart gun/UAV tag/Val’s Tranq is still in effect, then it goes back to the main one.


and cabot’s damage amp is so good against wraith


Get tagged, use Decoy. Decoy will move around until the tag is almost gone = same result.
Still makes the ability completely useless.


Not it doesn’t. Decoy doesn’t last long enough to instantly ‘remove’ your tag/dart/dust.


maddcow is right about that decoy does nof fully counter the effecs of any spoting device


Last night I caught an evolving Wraith as Parnell. Super soldier and three mags later she had less than half a bar of health to fight my team with.

Dem head shots.


Cabot damage amp + markov mines = one very hurt wraith haha.


Oh look another player who can’t play against a wraith gives attention


0 Props ^ Bruh.


wraith is too fast, it’s hard to aim as parnell


How about instead of whining that something is op, you learn to beat it so you can have some sense of accomplishment, rather than crying on the forums hoping for nerfs.