If you're having a bad day this should cheer you up <3


I didn’t know Behemoth liked taking Selfies.



I was having a good day and this cheered me up anywya. :slight_smile: Excellent work, sir.


This is my buddies picture, so all credit goes to him for making my day :smiley:


Awe you da best :blush:


The best bugs are the cute bugs ;D


I have something tooooo!!!
In case you’re having a bad day
Just know
That Gobis helmet
Is actually a mind control device that makes Gobi think Crow is his mommy.
Crow is Gobis mum.


I thought it was just for style…


It’s all a conspiracy :open_mouth:


So did I, but then Sunny and Crow had a big conversation about it and it just made me love Gobi and Crow even more


Nice. Love the image and thanks for sharing.


What? Can you tell me what they said, please?


Sunny: So are there any tame batrays?
Crow: No
Sunny: Then whats Gobis story?
Crow: See the helmet? Its a neotenic stimulator. Made by Sinozoo
Sunny: Ooh, What does it do?
Crow: Tames Gobi, makes him think, uh, I’m his mum
Sunny: AWWWWW! That is like the cutest thing ever! Like, ever ever!


:joy: I need to hear this for myself. Thank you.


I love sunny :smiley:


Theres a bit more, my memory isn’t golden, but it is by far my favorite dropship talk everrr


When I first heard Sunny’s voice I thought “Good lord I am going to hate her” but after a little while shes one of my favorites, right next to Bucket, just so positive


You need a puppy,
Infact ill get you a puppy,
I’m definitely buying you a puppy <3


He’s just so happy to be visiting Shear for the first time!


I don’t blame him,
That was my face when the game just finished installing for the first time haha.


He is Shear’s core… Literally.