If you're a dragon how would you look and what breath weapon would you have?


I would be black with an angular body with sharp spines on my back. I would have four legs, two wing, a long neck, and red eyes. My breath weapon would be black fire freezing and burning targets.

Now you know mine tell me yours.


But make the spikes clear like crystal.

My breath would be explosive clear fire.


Imagine this but like a foot long


My element would be electricity


Summoning @Pythios


Nailed it



Diablos is a wyvern!


Alduin or something.
And the breath? Something like Meteor Goliath’s but with extra lightning and such.


Fine then:



That’s better!

As for me, refer to my avatar pic, and my user card pic. Because I’m too lazy to describe or look for anything else right now.


Whatever a Snow Leopard would look like as a Dragon. My breath would be that of winter.


That last one is amazing.


“Need something?”


Basically this:

I love it when the the dragon’s head is at the same height as the line of its spine, it adds to the ferocity as opposed to swan-neck shape dragons. I also love the black colour and the shape of its head. The only thing I would change is remove the claws from it wings, I don’t quite like the idea of fusing traditional dragon with a wing-arm wyvern.


nuff shown


All Hail Ancalagon the Black. Seriously, that guy’s cool.

But for mine:

Not only is he ridiculously fast and agile, powerful as all hell and breathing literal plasma, he can divebomb, he’s invisible at night (except to scrawny teenage outcasts) runs fast enough to cover like 100 miles in two minutes and he’s basically god, he’s absolutely adorable so even if I got outgunned, I could fall back on the puppy faces and take advantage of my enemies’ urges to cuddle and feed me.


I would have poisonous gas and a secondary death laser that can ignite the gas cloud.


Basically this but with the traditional membranous wings. I like the saurian body for the sleek lethality, allowing me to be just as deadly with physical force as with magic. Plus, opposable thumbs are a plus even when the size of a dragon.

For a breath weapon I’d have molten plasma. I could use it to melt/evaporate targets or make areas inaccessible to my foes.


"Cthulhu has been described as a mix between a giant octopus, a man, and a dragon, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back."

Close enough I guess.

My breath would bombard your senses with images and experiences from Aeons gone by, in times of great horror and times without form, driving whatever it touches totally insane. I suppose my weapon would be straight up power, namely the power to bring about a new age and summon the remaining old ones into this realm, or whatever else eldritch shit I can do.