If your not using your shield whenever you have energy as hank


Why are you playing hank?
Your about as usefull as a downed daisy


When hank is out of juice, he can’t just sit there. He can pull out his laser cutter and help deal damage while it recharges.

It doesn’t last forever ,you know.

And if he has energy, he needs a line of sight. So stop moving so much behind stuff.


Yes, obviously Hank has 4 abilities because only one of them is important. lol troll


Did you read title?
i’m seeing hanks use there laser cutter waaay too much
shield projector recharges fairly quick
You should be using it out all your tools the most

Its vital to keeping medic alive
since no one else can
I don’t think i’ve ever been shielded as a medic when the monster targeted me


I also said he needs a LOS. When the medic or trapper gets knocked back somewhere, it will usually break due to Hank needing to keep his distance from the monster.


I mean, the medic can, if they know how to dodge. If the trapper or medic are in imminent danger then sure, I’ll shield away. If the monster’s focusing assault or trying to find a target or coming after me, them I’m shooting the bastard.


I don’t understand. Hank has other moves besides Orbital Barrage?


He also has a cloak, to help achieve optimal Orbital Barrage positioning.


That only applys to kraken
If its goliath have fun getting away from him without jetpack recharge

Shield projector is hanks most vital tool
along with orbital barrage
laser cutter is just there for self defence and when the monsters dumb enough to attack the assault


Personally at some times I think that it’s more useful to focus on dps over shielding


I shield from above and when it’s time I’ll swoop down for a cloak for whoever a in trouble or if I see the group close together. Hanks easily my favorite right now, I love protecting the team.


I’ll take this over a sniper Val any day…


If people want to snipe, they should play Lazarus. I had someone so mad at me yesterday for “Not using the medgun” when i was playing Laz. I explained how he worked at the beginning of the match. SMH.

If the monster doesn’t have a dozen hitmarker weakpoints on him, i’m not doing it right.

If i’m not the one picking people up when they go down, i’m not doing it right.

If I don’t sneak in and AOE heal, i’m not doing it right.