If you were to take a highway to either Hell or the Danger zone


Which highway would you take?

  • Highway to Hell
  • Highway to the Danger Zone

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Definitely the DANGA ZONE!!! Ima right Lana…lana…LANAAAAAAA



Huge archer fan


Same here XD


Are we talking about the Danger Zone or the Damage Zone, because I’d rather drive on the highway to hell than the highway to damage to my zone.


Wise words


Fixed the title to Danger zone instead of Damage zone


much prefer the HELL CHAIR

Edit: fastest and best way to hell.



Danger Zone for this simple reason.


This actually is like a reference for me and my buddies. Whenever we do a risky play in any online game, we sing “HIGH-WAY-TO-THE… DANGER ZONE DANGER ZONE.” Or just yell “TOM CRUISE RISKY BUSINESS!”


But Danger Zone is from Top Gun not Risky Business???


That’s unrelated. Just stuff we do. Doesn’t really matter what the source material is because they both have to do with danger and fit in the context that we use them


Hiiighway to the DANGER ZONE!!!