If you were to name monsters after celebrities what would they be?


Just say you’re on monster invasion in Sheer and are in-tune with 20/21st century popular culture. What celebrities music, film, art, fasion, sports, the works…

  • Goliath =
  • Meteor Goliath = Mel
  • As in Mel Gibson, I don’t know why I started calling him that. :expressionless:
  • Kraken = Lana
  • As in Lana Del Rey, because everyone hates her. Also because Lana has a song called The Body Electric.
  • Elder Kraken = Elder Kardashian
  • I have my reasons, mind you
  • Wraith - Lindsey Lohan
  • Because she’s hit the bottom (moar like hit by the nerf hammer) of the barrel so many time, and everytime she comes out.
  • Wraith Adaptation = n/a
  • Behemoth = Bundy
  • As in King Kong Bundy because he’s so freaking fat.
  • Gorgon = Miley
  • As in Miley Cyrus duh…


Kraken = Obama bcos OP


But who will make Evolve great again?


Not a single person you named is a celebrity to me



That’s a nice reference.
I have a shirt with King Kong Bundy on it that I force my friends to wear when they come over.


Taken a picture and then share it!!


we will see.


I like this

I feel horrible though, I definitely saw Miley coming into play though


Who is King Kong Bundy? I assumed you meant Al Bundy like off the show but I’m guessing not…


Kraken: Jesus. As far as I know Christians warship him, making him a celebrity.

Golaith: Marv from Home Alone. That nail scene though :astonished:

Wraith: Rebeca because Friday.

Behemoth: John Candy because It’s funny seeing how people love to use him in Arena and Defend. Just goes to show how well they can survive without an OP monster in those modes. AKA, they can’t.

Gorgon: Miley. nuff’ said…





  • lil B the based GOD

Elder Kraken

  • Christopher Lee


  • Dwayne Johnson



  • Miley


  • Taylor.


I saw the title of this thread and instantly thought “this is an azmi post”


I call Behemoth Kobe because his lava bomb has the longest ability range and when hunters chase you or run away you c an just throw it out and yell KOBE. Actually won games like that.


#You are correct.