If you were an inFAMOUS Conduit, what would your power be?


Title says it all. If you were a Conduit in an inFAMOUS game, what would your ability be?

Things To Note…
• You can’t copy preexisting powers. These include: Electricity, Time, Ice, Corrupted Acid, Black Tar, Telekinesis, Oil, Fire, Smoke, Concrete, Neon, Video, Paper, Masonry, Street, Pressurised Water, Light, Mirror, Glass, and Wire.

• Pretty much every power in inFAMOUS is some form of kinesis. Electrokinesis is the ability to manipulate electricity. Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire. So your ability SHOULD be some form of manipulation of some sort of material. This material doesn’t have to be naturally occurring.


What if I said DNA. Would that be too OP?

Being able to manipulate DNA would allow me to control any living thing. I could tear someone apart at a molecular level!


Anything goes, bro. That sounds awesome, actually. Would’ve never thought about it.


Being able to manipulate atoms would likely be the strongest power. All you gotta do is split them and you’ll make everything shine. :stuck_out_tongue: But maybe I’ve been playing too much Fallout.

Other than that, energy manipulation could be good as well.


Bes are the most dangerous thing on this earth.


Earth. I’ve always considered my element to be earth. I would LOVE IT.


I fucking love Infamous; where did you get metal and corrupted acid?

My power would be either Chronokinesis (Time Manipulation) like in Quantum Break but Infamous style OR something I’ve been interested in lately: Hydrokenesis (Water Manipulation)


Aerokinesis the ability to control all forms of Air. I could rule the world with this…


The old homeless dude and the rich dude who mutated people into monsters.

Homeless dude made an army and fortress out of scrap metal, rich dude used a special liquidy substance (which I call Corrupted Acid) to mutate people into monsters called “The Corrupted”.


Oooo Alden actually has Telekinesis not metal powers lol

and yea I guess Bertrand’s powers can be classified as that


Suck the life out of them too :stuck_out_tongue:


Telekinesis? So he can basically just move anything with his mind? That’s kind of lame. I mean, it’s cool, because you can use it in a variety of different ways, but it just doesn’t seem very inFAMOUS-y, y’know?


Not only that but i could probably control the amount of Air there could be in a certain area.


Yea I know but that’s what he did

Got this from the Wiki:

Telekinesis: Alden possessed a very powerful form of Telekinesis, as he was first seen by Cole, lifting a bus with his powers. Alden was also able to manipulate several forms of scrap metal with his power, and utilize them to his liking. He would sometimes use it as a defensive resort, by forming an armor out of it (similar to how Golem Conduits utilize their powers), and also as an offensive resort, collecting the smaller pieces of scrap metal and then launching them out his system, similar to a turret’s fire. In the boss battle, he also has the ability to launch flaming heaps of scrap from his construct’s mouth. He may also be able to give some of his creations some form of artificial intelligence, such as the scrap crabs.[1]


So… Scrap metal based telekinesis?

Also, I’m going to throw all of the power test ability ones in the “Can’t Use” section, since they’re all technically canon.


Deoxyribonucleic Acic-Kinesis? Control any living organism, anywhere, anytime. Pretty much be god.


Twinzies! :smile:


@Seven02 Great minds think alike. :smiley:

But since he took DNA first (didn’t see, my apologies) I’d take Hydrogen. Extremely flammable and exists in massive quantities in all living beings? Tarp.


I love Infamous and hope that it might turn into a game where we can choose a power or something like that but mine would be steel. That way I could bend it into swords, guns, shields, etc.


Imma say gravity because flying and OP everything. Move a damn planet or make a miniature black hole. Would be fun.