If You were a hunter what abilities would have?


The Title is pretty self explanatory but for more clarification
You have to choose a class.
Make a cool name or nickname.
Back story would be cool.
you are only limited to 3 class and the usual class ability
Attitude or demeanor of your character or yourself
Looks/ Description

This is my character kinda based off real life.
Name: Ronin (not my real name)

Class: Trapper

Backstory:Once a soldier for HUB. His knack for robots and excellent marksmanship made him a black ops agent for HUB. His arm got torn off in a conflict that he never should of been in but since Ronin is so good with robotics he just made a new arm. Ronin still served but he wasnt as enthusiast as before. He lost his drive for the ops and started going solo for missions. He finally left HUB with a couple patents and a lot of money and move to Shear to become a planet tamer.Donating alot of keys to Cabot didnt mean nothing, Ronin wanted to earn a place on the team, and his credentials spoke for him.

Demeanor: Like most trapper class (excluding Jack of course) quiet, serious, and sarcastic stand offish but likes to tell dark jokes

First ability: Electro shock : His robotics hand turns into a cannon and shoots an electric ball at the target.

Second ability: Paralysis Pistol: The robotic canon turns back into a regular hand and he draws a side arm. The pistol is semi automatic with 4 bullets in the mag. The bullet slows the monster and does damage per second.

Third ability: Thermal vision: Uses his robotic glasses to see most recent tracks (in case monster crosses its own tracks) and shows wildlife and monster within a 125 meter range. Can see through trees but not big rocks.

Looks: 30 years of age, 5 o’clock shadow, 6 feet tall and tan. Not extremely thin but slighty muscular. One silver robotic arm with a touch screen interface. Usually covers eyes with glasses and face with a respirator usually wears a hood but when running it falls off revealing his face. Always has one headphone on and a messy hair that slick. Long scars on his lips. Deep voice. Wears all black, including a tactical vest, tight fitting cargo pants, a hoodie, and black combat boots. Has a robotics suit to improve movement, but its a light suit like in Elysium.

Have fun making your character and dont forget to add your special touch to your character.


Looks at Username then his chosen class

Me: ???

On that note, if it doesn’t get closed I’ll have mine up in an hour


Eh whynawt.

assault class :assault:

Giant club: fairly self explanitory, a giant club to bash monsters with

Rock Sling: Ranged weapon that deals decent damage.

Personal shield.

Trollface: Monster is blinded by I giant trollface on the screen and the monster takes 400% damage from all sources.

what, did you expect me to be serious or something? :D


Your name has Troll in it, your PFP has a Trollface, one your abilities is a trollface

I completely expected you to be serious :stuck_out_tongue:


Name: Thozal

Class: Medic

Thozal is a hulking juggernaut of a robot (a tad bigger than Lennox). He’s a brave robot who desires nothing more than to protect his team. He’s equipped with rocket boosters and a flare cannon. Thozal is different from your traditional Medic. He also act’s as the team’s tank.

Weapon: Flare Cannon: Single capacity weapon that shoots a large flare from his arm. The Flare does fire damage to the monster and persist in an area for a couple seconds. Causes Wildlife to flee.

Secondary: Protocol - Defense: Within a range, Thozal activates his rockets and boosts himself to an ally, projecting a large directional shield in front of him to protect his allies from any nasty monsters. Thozal rapidly regains health if the shield is under fire. Thozal also gains knock-back resistance during this channel.

Healing: Protocol - Salvation: Thozal fires his arm out like a harpoon which can grab an ally and pull them to safety. Aiming will be important here. If Thozal successfully grabs an ally, he stores them in his body where they become “incapped” while healed overtime. The grabbed Hunter can hold L2+R2 to escape. Downing Thozal with a hunter inside of him will result in both being incapped side-by-side. Hunter’s inside share the view from Thozal’s perspective.

Healing burst is a bit larger than normal, But Value is around the same as Caira’s.

Heh. Who wouldnt want a huge juggernaut medic?
Sadly I bet he’d be difficult to balance




These aren’t technically hunter ideas, this is just silliness if we ourselves (whether it be our persona or ourselves) were to be a hunter.


Anyway, carry on.


Class: :trapper:

Name: Nick
Gender: Male
Passive Ability: Sees monsters sneaking prints

Primary: Lightning Rifle
Fires electrocuting rounds that deal damage over time as well as stacking duration times

Secondary: Thermal Sweep
They satellite covers the map in a thermal sweep and will mark the monster for 20 seconds

Tool: Shock Cannon
Fires a blast of electricity and slows down the monster by 10% and stacks each successful hit

Special Class Ability: Mobile Arena
Creates a rank rajat field around the area and traps the monster for 60 seconds


Stacking CC? Neat…

Like. Stronger than Stasis at max stacks?


Probably stronger yea but they do have a duration of around 2-4 seconds so they go away easily


the ability to summon 3 john cenas who rek the monster


Name [classified].
Cyborg. Male.
Hails from the Hegemony.
Home Planet [classified]

Pulse cannon.
Advanced automatic plasma canon grafted into the right arm, shot have a travel speed faster than Parnell rockets, and a smaller aoe. No headshots. ROF comparable to buckets rockets, recharges after each shot, meaning it can fire indefinitely.

Shield bubble.
Produces a small bubble around himself, bubble has 2000 health and acts like an aoe assault shield, all allies in the field are protected, but also deplete the shield. The fact he needs to be in harms way to use it means aoe damage quickly dissipates the shield, has a long recharge, can be used as a powerful personal shield when alone or focused.

Core laser.
Chest mounted laser canon that deals massive damage. Similar appearance to TSgt orbital laser, but horizontal, and has aim speed limits like Kraken lightning strike while firing, also jetpack can’t be used when firing.


A support built to tank, the shield and cloak allow great survivability, but aren’t as good at saving team mates compared to other supports due to their short range.

The chest laser is great when distanced from the monster, but can’t be quickly aimed allowing the monster to dodge easier at close range, while the pulse canon provides constant damage output.


Rick Sanchez;

Rick knows where the Monsters come from, thinks the other Hunter’s are mostly incompetent, and doesn’t like them much. He’s just here for the cash and to salvage the Laurie Anne for scraps when the other Hunters die. However he thinks Lazarus is pretty chill, gets along with Kala, and enjoys Hyde’s personality.

Main Weapon; Electronic Pulse Orb.

The Orb is extremely powerful, and will instantly destroy all of a Monsters armor on a direct hit, or three bars of armor. However Rick only carries one, after that the move is basically a bluff.

Secondary Weapon; Sanchez Ski Shoes.

Not really a weapon, Rick’s second tool allows him to rocket forward in his custom Sanchez Ski Shoes, perfect for escaping, and leaving the team to die.

Third Weapon; Portal Gun.

Vert diverse, the portal gun has many functions. It can be shot at a wall and then somewhere in the distance to instantly teleport there. It can also be used to teleport up to the dropsship, and hangout with the other Hunters before they drop in. Alternatively, shooting it under the Monster sends it to an alternate reality, winning the round, and then you can Portal to a nearby bar to party over the victory!!!

Perfect for abandoning the team when they begin dying.


I’d be a trapper with a super dome I can get out of and re-enter when i want to. I’d have a mini-nuke launcher just like Sunny but the damage and explosion size would be 10x more. I would have harpoon gat on my left arm, works just like Griffins. Yeah.