If You Were A Hunter/Monster What Would Your Weapons/Abilities Be?


Hmm, Says it all in the title. Let me think about mine for a bit.

If you can make yourself as Hunter or Monster in the game
If you can make yourself as Hunter or Monster in the game

Does being a sort of adaptation count?



You would have a pink flamethrower that has less ammo but has a large cone of fire, a 3 barreled minigun, and instead of a gas grenade, a grenade that boosts fire damage and makes DoT fire last as long as the target is in the cloud.
Need to think about mine.


It would be red. >:l


you can have red.


Lazarus Glove, Personal Cloak, 5 sentry guns, healing field…

chrono OP pleees narf


Class: :support:
Name: My name.

Particle Disruptor - Sends a heavy shock through matter, accelerating atoms and fusing them with others in the surrounding area. Causes a small, delayed explosion that is capable of igniting flesh and sending shrapnel into surrounding bodies. Causes moderate-heavy damage, but has a 3 second charge up time and a two second CD.

Mobile Cover: Project a temporary shield over a small area (like 10 meters) for fifteen seconds. Hunters can pass through freely, but wildlife, Monsters, and abilities cannot.

Monitor: Can be “attached” to a Hunter (one at a time) and it will protect from a single pounce by detonating and harming the attacker, but will be triggered and detonate by any attack. Has a cooldown of 45 seconds. Dies when character goes down, even if it has not been triggered.

Class ability.

Would (obviously) have to be balanced, but rough idea.


Pounce pounce pounce pounce pounce

sees monitor



That’s not allowed lol. Jk.





Omg I just realized who that is! Must have been to small when I looked at it before. That pfp is beast! Why’d you change?


Samus is such a badass!


I would be a Goliath adaption. With Parnell’s Shotgun, Torvald’s Mortars, a Cloaking Field that cloaks me and all aggressive wildlife, and a Lazarus Glove to bring back said wildlife.

get ready to feel my pain, Hunter scum


Dalkin, my custom hunter is pretty much what i would be as a hunter.



Name: Wendigo
Class: fighter
Appearance: Ice Monster. 2 arms and 2 legs. Lizard-esque. Long neck and tail, body relatively small in comparison. Spines run down back along tail. Long ears extend from dragon-like head. Arms and legs covered in organic plating. Three spikes protrude from chest that grow with each stage. Long claws. Jaw has slight underbite with teeth that protrude past snout.

Traversal: scurry forward followed by a small leap. If sneaking, the leap acts as a sneak pounce.


Frost Breath: breaths a cone of chilling air that pushes back creatures and does damage for the duration. Range: 15-20-25m. Radius: 2.5m. Duration: 3-4-5s. Cooldown: 12s. Enemies hit are not tumbled, but are simply pushed back as if blown by a strong wind.

Instincts: Increases movespeed and climb speed effectiveness by 80-100-120% and traversal Cooldown by 20-30-40% for 3-4-5s. Cooldown: 20s.

Impale: targets an area on the ground that has a 3-5-7m radius. After 2 seconds, icicles shoot out of the ground, dealing damage. Hunters are slowed by 30% in a 5-7-9m radius from the center of the targeted area. Lasts 2-2.5-3s and had a 7-8-9s cooldown.

Blizzard: fills a 10-15-20m radius with a blizzard. Visibility becomes very limited(like a steamodon) and hunters are slowed by 2-3.5-5%. Lasts 30 seconds and has a 60-50-40s cooldown.

This is my monster if I were one.


Power: Crystal

Ability 1: Shrapnel
Cast a burst of 7 Crystals that explode on impact

Ability 2: Crystal Harpoon
Deploy a harpoon trap that deals damage to Hunters when harpooned and makes them have to shoot it to be set free

Ability 3: Crystal Mortars
Fire lock on missiles that explode when touched a hunter but won’t explode if doesn’t hit a hunter and instead acts as a mine

Ability 4: Crystal Armor
Covers itself in crystal plating that reduces all damage by 50%

Traversal: Drill
Drill away as it eats away at the energy bar and will deal damage to enemies if they have been hit

Theme: Devices

Primary: Shock Wave Shotgun
A pump action shotgun that fires electrocuting bullets and deals damage over time while slowing the monsters movement down by 10%

Secondary: Tesla Coil
A deployable small device that will act as Markov’s adaption gun dealing more damage as the monster is zapped more

Healing: Sonar Ray
Rays of green energy will slowly heal up teammates from far distances

Class Ability: Healing Strike
Gets rid of strikes by replacing them with health


Name: Cervantes Castellano
Hunter Role: Support
Weapon: Assault Rifle with Red Dot Sight
Support Ability: With same beam gun can switch to Defend and Offense with same battery (Make it fair)

Appearances: Medium Build, tan skin tone, Wearing Combat armor Lower Body with Black T-shirt with yellow outline going on the sides the T-shirt. Standard Support Jetpack.

Personality: Have great sense of humor with great love of PUNS both good and bad. Also tries bring positive attitude even things are going south.

Short Bio: A Former leader of planets tamers named The Outsiders he have major respect from his crew and peers. One day he got bored with planet taming and retire from it. Then heared about Shear what’s going on with that planet. Then he used his old contact to get hold of Cabot.