If you sneak as any monster other then meaty do you lose your armor glow?


because I sneaked as behemoth once and litteraly everyone looked at me then walked away


Shouldn’t. Fuller the armour the brighter it is, I thought was the influencing factor


I had full armor too when they looked at me


If you have full armor, you still glow even when sneaking. So either

  • The Hunters were idiots
  • You looked like the surrounding rocks
  • They didn’t want to fight you where you were and were trying to bait you


Some people are blind lol. I’ve had a few moments like that myself.


I was in like the most dead grass but was still big enough to cover me


If you can see yourself glowing then they can, too.


That would be so funny to hear about. I can imagine the scene with a derp Abe shooting the Behemoth and saying “yup, it’s a rock” and the hunters behind following Abe like sheeps.


I’ve played a couple of matches with total idiots who couldn’t even find the Monster when it was hiding in a tiny bush.
Even though it was loudly sniffing.

At full armor.

Stage 3.

While tagged by Gobi.

So yeah, I wouldn’t rule off people just being blind.



it was Maggie by the way


[quote=“AlbinoGoliath, post:11, topic:81593, full:true”]
it was Maggie by the way
[/quote]ho ok. So the hunters were REALLY stupid.


Most people have had that one game where you just hit sneak and for no particular reason the hunters can never find you. I’ve had a few of them myself :smiley_cat: