If you pre-order now, You get the special CRASH EVERY GAME EDITION!


I can’t play a single game without it crashing and I’ve made multiple reports on this issue and it’s just infuriating me when I can’t even play a single match without it crashing and wiping out the progress I made during that game. I’ve got TWO GTX GeForce 880Ms and I know for a fact that it’s enough to run this game. I either get the DEVICE_HUNG error message or it freezes the screen with the lovely addition of the audio being turned into a static mining drill! I am getting so sick of this crap. What would make the game randomly decide to crash every game? I’ve done everything from turning down the resolution to going on the nvidia control panel, to playing in windowed mode and nothing fixes it! I am getting really annoyed with this and I want this game to actually be playable and not just get the ultimate ‘f*** you over’ experience! I’m just tired of it. Period.