If you look up "overpowered dlc characters" on google images, you will see that EVOLVE is on the top list

What does this say about us?

Not much. I don’t see them as OP, I think they’ve been well balanced to this point.


That people like Evolve! It is on the top of the list! :slight_smile:


Nice spin on that.

Well I wouldn’t care much. I mean Crow is not OP. I would fight a crow any day over Maggie or Griffin. Sunny is the only one I will say is just so strong I don’t see the need for any other support.


It looks less like the search really picked up on the “overpowered” part of the sentence and just went with “DLC characters”, and Evolve is the most recent game with DLC characters in it. Hell, judging from some of the screenies like the Two-Face picture, it doesn’t seem to have even really found characters, seeing as Two-Face was unplayable. I think that was the promo for the Catwoman missions, actually.

It says that there are balancing issues with the (semi) new characters, something thats quite common ^.^
Ever played Dota 2? Phantom Assassin is OP af, has been forever, and nothing is ever being done about her.
Least TRS is trying ^-^

I know right, despite his spammy nature I think he is fairly balance. Like most trappers are in the game.

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I did, not the community for me. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday after I try out LoL.

That people like to say stuff in places that have a strong SEO ranking.

I wouldn’t recommend LOL, that community is even worse tbh. Dota isn’t too bad imo

People consider anything new OP. Look at Crow, he’s one of the weaker trappers. But for some reason, people called Gobi OP. They didn’t know how to counter him, so he’s automatically OP.

Yeah people always say op about characters they don’t know. I mean remember all the Abe OP topics around launch? You don’t see that anymore about Abe.

Probably that Evolve has a very whiney playerbase.

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Maggie OP dlc, Is pay to win, notable shout out to Goliath, Wraith, and Hyde who all make the game far too imbalanced, how are people expected to play if these characters are pure pay to win content, they have no place in the game.

Why so srs

It says people need to learn how to play

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but is blatantly OP though.

Though she won’t be after next month,

Yep, that Maggie is the most OP DLC character of them all.

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Everything posted on our forums under op this or op that goes straight to google… Look up your user name and you’ll see what I’m talking about