If you haven't already, Alien Isolation is the best survival horror in years

Oh hey, its what facehuggers do, they make love to your facial region.



Lol, worst is, that normally works.

There is a reason xenomorphs don’t have genitalia.
and my nightmares never had facehuggers. just a Warrior/drone/runner

Yep, thanks for making me imagine a facehugger on the xenomorph’s possible genital spot.

Your welcome :smile:

#Sarcasm. xD

He knows. ^.^

I know i know he knows, get it ?

I was waiting for Thief 4 for years and got so disappointed when it came out I almost lost faith in stealth games. I don’t like splinter cell stuff as well… So when this game hit my PC, 3D glasses and 7.1 headphones on, in a dark room on a 55" TV… I was in gamers heaven!
Now VR has to come ASAP with stealth and atmospheric games :stuck_out_tongue:

And I meant the queen and face huggers act as their only means of reproducing
An even better thought. Do you know what chest bursters are?

The mini-aliens that look like serpents that pop out after the gestation period is done ? yeah.

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they are like the sperm that comes out of the facehuggers that is forced down your throat
then grows into a larvae :smile:

Put allot of thought into this, didn’t you? :wink:


Mhmm… Point of it.

Perhaps you would like this one more?

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Bad image, its incorrect.

I at one point wanted to make an AVP game so I would need to know everything about them to make a “Good” game.
too many people publish stuff be it game movie or article with too many inaccuracies