If you haven't already, Alien Isolation is the best survival horror in years

It’s by far the best Alien game and more importantly the best survival horror I’ve ever played. The fear comes from the ever present threat of a xenomorph is huge. You always know its hunting you and you cant even keep using the same strategies to evade it since the AI learns. The ship is an amazingly creepy place in ambience as well. There are difficulty levels for every type of player too. I have a ton more to say but seriously everyone should play it!


Id say its a very good horror game, but in alien games, meh, i still prefer AvP 3 or the previous ones.

And the tools you are given can just be avoided all-together.

Idk, I played it and it was F*ckin awesome at first, but then it just got really tiring, sort of turned monotonous

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did you play outlast? sweet jesus.

my all time favorite is still dead space 1. the difficulty and amount of buttons i pressed to survive…oh god that was terryfing.

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Heretic! If Aliens are cannon fodder in the game that means that game is pure heresy.

Isolation is a masterpiece. The graphics, the Alien, the sound (there is no music, only awesome ambient). It’s ultra immersive.

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Alien vs predator multiplayer was amazing and is the only think in my mind that comes close to the fun of Evolve.


I had quite a bit of fun on it. Turn it up to hardest difficulty, and it’s a pain to complete.

I think everygame can be monotonous if you think about it. It’s all in how you approach it. I’ve always had nightmares as a kid of the xenomorph chasing me and I can’t ever get tired of it!

Its not, because its 90% trial and error. It has a nice Atmosphere though… but it is not the best survival horror in years.

Dead space 1 was awesome too! But the sequels went more towards the action route which I really really disliked.

I’m not sure what you mean. It’s strategy in approaching different encounters but maybe the xenomorph will look in the closet you’re hiding or maybe it wont. You can mitigate that with good planning but you can never eliminate randomness in most games.

That, now that seems interesting, as for @AYPD what i meant in AvP3 was that it was more… lets say… it had more of a story, and wasn’t A:CM, even thought its the only one that doesn’t directly follow the movie storyline, like A:CM did, and A:Isolation does, i still enjoy trying to beat AvP3 on the hardest modes, multiplayer however, is very unbalanced when predators spam plasma casters and what now, i never have seen A:Isolation multiplayer, however i will pick the game up in a sale.

I’m not the only one?
I had those nightmares just from seeing the cover.
Didn’t get to watch it till years later. well at least I don’t have nightmares anymore :smiley:

I always loved Xenomorphs… Never had a nightmare about them. I always liked them for some reason.

Indeed, they are surprisingly cute.

yeah i wasnt happy. #2 was not too bad but 3 went 100% action. another game that betrayed me was F.E.A.R. #2 was basically an action game where u were the badguy killing everyone -.-

I loved them.
and they loved me in my dream in a different way.

I thought the game was awesome. but multiplayer is just a sneak attack fest. basically if you sneak attack someone its an auto kill. but then someone else will do it to you before the animation ends. so its a giant pile of sneak attacks at 1 location lolol.

Sorry, it’s what popped into my head…

Oh shin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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