If you have a "problem with your 2K account", you might wanna watch this


So recently TONS of players are experiencing issue with logging into their 2K accounts after the Renegade Abe update. I’ve made a video to explain this issue and what you can expect to have happen if you try to contact 2K support.

Click here for the video.

There is nothing TRS can really do for you at this time, and it seems that 2K is not going to do anything for you either.
I have never been so sad or upset, I finally found a game I love playing, making videos for, talking to the wonderful people of the community, then 2K comes along and takes it all away with no proof. “You are banned because we said so” is basically how this entire thing is being treated. TRS, I love the game you have made and the community that encompasses it; but 2K is killing your game.


Yeah, iam in the same situation and waiting for TRS do something, i know they are busy but… Its being more then a couple days…


TRS doesn’t really have any control in this I don’t think. It’s all up to 2K, and 2K has made it VERY obvious they have NO interest in fixing this. 2K will be the death of this game, and this community, if they continue to treat the player base like this.

Here is the e-mail I just sent to 2K support on my ticket, this is my second request to see evidence of my "violation"
Hello [2K support rep],
I have carefully reviewed the EULA and there is no portion that I have violated. I don’t have the ability to pull game logs of previous games played to provided sufficient proof that I have not violated anything. At this time I formally request to see the proof of evidence that has justified and supported the decision to permanently ban my account.
As I have already stated, I was lobbied into games by the game’s match making system with teammates that were running 3rd party/illegal software to modify the outcome of the game. Game logs should be able to indicate which player did the most damage to the monster, if not, then review my other games before and after that game. You will surely notice that the games before AND after were just normal games, doesn’t make much sense to run a hack on one game out of 10 or 15 games played.
Again, I am formally requesting to see the evidence that justifies and support 2K’s claim that my account displays activity that directly violates that EULA.


In my ticket they said that 2K can not do anything because it was the GAME DEVELOPERS who did it and they dont have the control over it.
Isn’t TRS the game developer?


Well that’s interesting. Do you have a copy of the e-mail by chance?


Yes, its in portuguese, i wil upload a print and editlink here


Google translating:
We understand you want to access your account at Evolve Stage 2 and we are here to explain what happened to you. Just check your account and see that it was banned by the developers of the game.

I understand you’re with some questions about the reason for his banishment. As support staff, unfortunately we do not have information about the specific reason why the game developers to proceed with its banishment.


Have you tried contacting gaming websites about this story?


I have not, sadly I’m just a little guy. No one would really listen to me. :confused:


@AnonymousZao_Gaming You have visual proof that you weren’t violating the EULA/ToU with streaming and videos. While it’s just a copy/paste e-mail saying the ban is non-reversible, I suggest re-contacting support about the issue and providing some additional information again (including footage), and if you see a hacker in one of your streams, don’t be afraid to report it to one of the devs on the forums or Honorguard.

Failing that, I would suggest contacting @LadieAuPair or some similar dev on the issue.

Beyond that, I believe you’re screwed. Sorry this happened to you.


You have proof don’t you?


yeah bro im with you… played this game for 2000 hours… thanks 2k!!..


@garratose I have an entire e-mail chain from the 2K support team. But getting a hold of one of them is a little more difficult. They don’t really just open e-mails that say “I HAVE A CRAZY STORY YOU MIGHT LIKE”. Trying to see who I might be able to reach out to but I don’t really have anyone just yet.

@Chickenprotector I have attempted to contact the support team twice asking for the evidence in question that shows I have violated the EULA/ToS, it’s been 3 days. I have already informed them that I have videos and streams showing me just playing and that I don’t play with assistance from a 3rd party program. Since I don’t have access to game logs or a match history, unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to prove myself. This means that these bans are a weighted system, 2k holds all the evidence and will ban at will with no explanation.


You might need the help of NeoGaf or Reddit


Most gaming media get their news from websites like Reddit


Unfortunately Reddit typically doesn’t allow you to post videos into forums on your first post. Since my Reddit username and YT Channel name are the same it’s typically seen as “self promotion” and the post is flagged and deleted. Feel free to share to anyone you want on my behalf though. I’m going to continue to try and inform whomever possible. Might try to reach out to NeoGaf on twitter.


Thanks for the edit Squash. I saved your picture and will crop out the outer portion of the images for you just to be sure. I appreciate you taking the time to post that up.


Iam in the sabe boat as you, actualy, worst, i dont recorded my games because i NEVER thought i would have to do it to prove that i did nothing wrong.

Well, i could create a new account and record a game to prove my skill, but as new acc i will play against new people and will wreck them anyway.


Unfortunately, I don’t think we will actually have a fair chance at getting our accounts back unless this issue gets enough attention. I’ll keep fighting to get awareness out about this, but I can only do so much on my own.


Well I’m sorry it happened to you guys. The only other option if you still want to continue to play is to create a new account.

It’s just the luck of the draw from the looks of it, you just got the bad sticks. I hope you didn’t sink money into this before the F2P release.


Thankfully I did not, but the last thing I want to do is have to make another steam account just to play one game. It shouldn’t be this way.