If you have a mic can you talk to the monster and the hunters


Devs. Please answer


another thread was made about a topic similar to this and addresses both having a mic and the lack of one, as trs has always been keen on in game communcation


Sooooooo yes or no


you can talk to your team members as a hunter yes


As a hunter can you talk to the monster


In the pre match set up yes you can, but after that there is no communication between the monster and hunters to avoid trash talking that give a bad gaming experience. I don’t remember where I saw that, but I am pretty sure that’s how it is


Shank you shank you very much


Not many games allow for cross communication, I doubt this one would…


Although it would be interesting to see the monsters scaring the living hell out of the hunters through voice chat I highly doubt it will be available due to the competitive outlook. :worried:


No doubt Evolve will have the option to vote for “all talk” like in L4D2 when its a all friends game and playful trash talking is in play. :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as there is an option I fully support the idea! :stuck_out_tongue:


In future, can everyone please use the Questions for Developers thread, rather can creating an entire topic to answer one question.


I’m not sure where the post is, but it has been confirmed that talking across a team is not possible. It prevents greifing scenarios for all parties.


No, you cannot


Why god why…


Though if you as the monster for some reason wanted to you can vent.


Probably because the internet has this crazy ability to turn normal human beings into frothing from the mouth trolls… Its a good thing lol


Why should the monster talk to the hunters? That doesn’t make much sense IMO. If it’s because you’re playing with a group of friends then use party chat.


It contributes literally nothing to the game experience is probably why… All it would do is cause the monster player to go “la la la you can’t find me n00bs” (or far worse language) etc etc… And create a negative experience.

I can’t see a single upside to cross faction communication in this game let alone any game.


I would rather not hear all the trash talk and/or people screaming obscenities into the microphone while I’m being eaten, it was bad enough in L4D when you would get pounced by a player playing a hunter and the mic channel would allow them to scream all sorts of ignorant crap while you lay there helpless. It hurts the experience and tears apart the community. Trolls will be trolls, I’d rather not have a means to encourage their behavior anymore than it is.