If You Hate Wraith, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!


Imagine this every time you see the wraith and im sure you will be very happy ENJOY! If you hate the wraith this will bring many satisfaction!


Is it just me or did I already see this thread?


Ow yay, player lagged out of the game, hahahahahahahahahaah I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AMAZING


I just posted a vid for Kraken, then I just wanted to upload this vid as well. but thats it for me for right now


I said in the beta that the harpoons are useless but I didn’t meant to make them that strong :smiley:


Man that health drop once its stuck.


Funny Enough he didnt lag out. lol he just saw himself getting shot lmao


They still make the wraith stop half way, but this was a more glorious version of it lmao


Its like a dream lol




Had a monster lock up as kraken earlier today. I was stage 3 with 0 health loss and each hunter had 1 or 2 strikes. Was 100% won then I did a sneak attack and it locked up.

Only time I’ve quit mid game :frowning:


lol acccidentaly didnt reply to u sorry, but I wish u had a vid of that, Would have been awesome to see. The Sneak attack is a lil silly sometimes. I’ve missed point blank ones that are just annoying


I’ve been playing a lot of Grif lately and was also of the mindset that he was… lackluster compared to the other two (Yes even Maggie… Daisy MvP!) vs. Wraith until I finally found (Realized? Not sure if it was commonplace and I was just late to the party) a useful way to counter Decoy with Grif.

Harpoon the real one during the cast animation. Break it or stay still for Assault, either way, Decoy is no longer an issue :smile:


That is true that griffin will keep the original Wraith in place, I wish Cabot Damage amp did the same thing lol


I crashed while abducting earlier, it sucked :frowning:


Happened to me as well, you seem to get stuck in enviroment. Luckily the hunters were so bad that after around 30 seconds I got out and only lost 1 bar of health.


REVENGE!! jk I actually like fighting Wraith as long as they actually fight lol