If you had to split up in to groups of 2


who would you send with who?

what role and what hunter?


Chasing team: Assault and Medic. Cutoff team: Support and Trapper.

Characters depend.


I understand the placement of Trapper in the cutoff team and Assault in the chasing team, but why are Medic and Support placed where they are?


Really depends what characters they are
If the assault is parnell or hyde
and the support is cabot
support goes with assault
trapper and medic can just go fuck themselves

but i guess the medic would be ciara
and the trapper griffin


The medic can assist the assault if he is attacked. Supports cloak allows the Hunter to withdraw if overwhelmed.


You put the trapper and support together because they are the catching team and both need to survive once the dome is out until the rest show up. Also, the cloak can be used to avoid detection by the monster until it’s too late and the dome is up. That just leaves assault and medic as leftovers for the other group. Think of the trapper group as the anvil, and the assault group is the hammer driving the monster into the anvil