If you had to pick a "main" based on looks alone, who would it be?


I’m thinking Laz or Griff. What about you guys?

Remember, only looks… Try to forget about classes or weapons for a minute. :smile:


Hmmmmm, I wonder whom I should pick? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Still Griffin. (That stache)


I’d pick another from the unannounced team :stuck_out_tongue:


@DamJess CHEATER! :wink:


definitely Griffin


By looks alone, probably Bucket, Markov, or Val. Still hard to pick.

EDIT: If monsters are included, then all of them beat the hunters. I love their visual designs.


You know what thats not fair. You are gonna need to go ahead and announce this team so we know what you are talking about.


Or Bucket, but he’s the only robot so he doesn’t have concurrence ^^



10 chars


Val because of her military, professional look.




I would pick Maggie. She looks fierce and indomitable.


I like the look of the Medics. Those metal angel wing things are really cool. Hard to choose between Laz and Val though in terms of looks


HYDE for me.


Oh, yea. If we are including monsters, Goliath wins hands-down for me.


Nope! Hunters only in this thread gang ! :smiley:


Hyde, dude looks like an absolute badass!


aw i dnt see where it says that :stuck_out_tongue:
but if were going by that then i guess…Val. i love her wings! and dat bolt action sniper rifle .


Bucket right here!