If you had to choose ONE thing about Evolve


What is the ONE thing about Evolve that you are most anticipating?

I know, I know, it’s hard! There is so much about this game that is great but if you had to narrow it down to the ONE thing that excites you most, what would it be? Playing as the monster? Coop? Sci-fi? Hunting motif?

And to answer my own question, I think it would have to be the 4 vs 1 aspect. The idea that one player is the “boss” is probably what has me most excited overall. If Evolve did NOT have this 4 vs 1 aspect, I would probably not be as excited. I feel like it truly is an experience we haven’t had before outside of some mods.


Definitely being able to play as a huge predator.
I loved playing Rampage and The Lost World Jurassic Park when I was younger because you could play as one, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted, mainly due to technology at the time, and that as the big titles began churning out their constant sequels, a lot of creativity was lost and popular games were very samey. Resulting in games like this not appearing for a while.
This is THE game I’ve been waiting for


I’m stuck between two things. One, I want to get into a game that flat out forces cooperation, there just aren’t enough that do. 2 I want to be able to rub Evolve’s success in the faces of the non believers that say it’s different so it’ll suck.


Playing as something that is top of the food chain, don’t care much about hunters as guns and grenades etc. aren’t new


I honestly can’t wait for the DLCs.


I would have to say that I am the most excited to a play as a huge towering monster! I mean I can’t wait to destroy my opponents with the Kraken especially!!!


If I had to narrow all my choices down, it’d have to be the fact of being a giant monster in a Boss Battle.
I’ve played other games that make you feel like a giant beast (Mostly Ns2) but this one does not compare to them.

In Evolve, YOU are the main event, you are the thing that’s going to take everybody down town.

(And second as said by @Brandini laugh in the face of people who say its going to be bad when it flies into stardom)


I’m looking forward to working as a team with other players to take down a huge beast! Also that being said I also like to play alone and fight against other people as the Monster too, just hope I don’t suck too much though! :frowning:

Also looking forward to playing as each class and figuring out which strategies would work best with them or try different ones every time is most matches will be different! Either way, Bucket will be my main so I’ll have to work out some strategies with him most of the time!


Yea I also can’t wait for the second part too, sick of all the backhanded “Wow this looks boring, gg no singleplayer” or whatever nonsense people spew.

And agree on your main point, NS2 KIND of lets you do it with the Onos but mech suits are pretty strong too and it’s still a team game (16 vs 16). I, like you, am excited for a SINGLE player to be the entire enemy team, to be the main event as you said.


I’m most anticipating playing with everyone ^.^


Ditto. Can’t wait to play with the public.


The fact that you can play as a giant monster in a sci-fy alien world made me buy a Ps4. That and Assassin’s Creed Unity.


The Kraken…he calls my name…play me…kill…eat…grow and destroy…


Can’t wait to play… period!


Just one thing? Probably the cat and mouse impression I’m getting when seeing monster footage.


D’aaaaaaw :stuck_out_tongue: I am looking forward to playing with all of the awesome people from Turtle Rock! I have never had the opportunity to play with Developers and all the guys from Turtle Rock are awesome and seem like the type of gamers I would love to play Evolve with(Not to mention they know all the top secret awesome things in the game!)


I feel if I get to play with the Turtle Rock dev’s in Evolve. I would not shut up about questions.

Bombarding their minds with infinity shells of curiosity and eagerness.


@Vexille AKA literally what I do on this Forum every single day… :stuck_out_tongue:


But the hype in-game.
The Hyyyyyyype.


You may be playing against a dev under the cover of anonymity and never know it.