If You Had Any Power What Would It Be?


Don’t make it an overpowered power like: Death, Black Holes
Add a description
And be creative!
Up to 3+ powers!

1: Wishes
Being able to help people and give them any wish they have makes me a happy man…but not tricking them like a Genie would : P

2: Shadow
Run through the night like an assassin and throw shadow bolts

3: Projections
Force field, shield, decoys, mind projections

Those are my 3 but there not my “In order” favorites


Shape shifting- being able to turn into any organism that is alive currently or was alive in tha past.
Higher form-being able to turn into any Organism your mind can conjure (made up stuff)
Sub form- being able to turn into non living things
Branch off- being able to possess things


Half-Demon much?

  1. power of seduction
  2. immortality
  3. immense strength

basically i want to be a higher vampire


Lol. Possession as in controlling inanimate objects and…yeah basically a demon


I’ve seen a move with a girl with all of that





so you let the right one in


this just means mind control in a way, not always sexual.



Power to bend all four elements and sub elements

Power to read a persons mind at will

And probably super human speed and agility


Controlling matter on the atomic level. Black holes on command, anyone?


Whatever I write comes true.

“The great Katherine was sitting in her chair, fidgeting as she placed a hand over her mouth and yawned, oreos suddenly began to fill her room. The end.”


I have an idea similar to that but it’s were anything I think off I can build and anything in a magazine, picture, paper I can rip out of the page and I can have it


The ability to create other abilities/special skills for self and/or others.
As it says, the ability to create other superpowers to give to other people or for myself.

I don’t need or want any other superpower after that, but here are two of my personal favorite as possible powers I would like to have.

Negation; The ability to negate other superpowers.

Luckmancer; The ability to manipulate luck and probablity at will.

Onto honorable mentions.
Mimic; Any ability like perfecetly copying other powers and/or appearences

Telekinesis; Moving crap with your mind.(Fixed it)

Precognition; Seeing the future.

Mind reading

Immunity; The ability to become immune to attacks or diseases.


“But Katherine soon realized the mistake she had made. ‘The end’, she saw typed clearly on the screen in the forum’s crisp, white font. She bolted up and began to panic, frantically looking around her room for any sign of this ‘End’ she had brought upon this world, and herself. Fright and terror choked her throat. She could not warn her family, her friends. Nobody knew what was coming. Nobody knew she had doomed them all in a single moment, that two of her words would be the undoing of reality and all that exists. Crying, she slumped down in a corner of her dark room, the only light being the screen on which the foreboding words were written.”

“As the hours passed, not a sound was heard, save for the TV in the other room, nothing to indicate the world had ended. She opened her door and the light in the hall was on. Everything seemed to be alright. Fully relieved that her words had not come true, she also noticed that her other wish had not yet been fulfilled. Her room was devoid of Oreos. Not even a crumb. Curious, and hungry, she walks to her kitchen, where she kept her emergency stash hidden. Nothing was there. ‘How odd,’ she thought, ‘I was certain I grabbed some when I was at the store the other day’. With this now her priority, she rushes to grab her keys and coat, she walks past the television and a news report is on, breaking news, it would seem. She sat down and listened.”

“BREAKING NEWS ALERT!”, the TV blared, obviously too loud, but Katt was far too pre-occupied to notice. “All Oroes in the world have gone missing! Not a single one to be found anywhere. All of the factories have mysteriously shut down and even the company’s owners are gone!”

Katt reeled back in horror. “NO,” she cried aloud. And it suddenly made sense. “The end,” quietly came from her quivering lips. “The end of Oreos.”


… Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and delete my post, because this just blew mine out of the water. :joy:


Spent waaaayyy more time typing that than I should have.


Haha, I think it was a pretty great short story!


I feel sorry for this “Katherine” character.


Is “I want to be Dark Phoenix” a legitimate choice?