If you had an Evolve sticker


What would you do if you had an Evolve Sticker? Would you frame it? Stick it on an object (and if so, on what?).

I’m curious as I am looking for Evolve stickers for a while until this thought appeared to me where I would put it. I was thinking first on my computer screen, but then I would lose that sticker from being able to use it elsewhere.
So I thought why not ask the forums for some advice.

I also found this site: http://www.redbubble.com/shop/evolvegame+stickers which has a nice Kraken sticker, although I’m not too sure if it is legit.




I mean… I would probably put mine on my computer chassis? Or on my phone case ._.?


I found a birthday present for you :slight_smile:



If I had an evolve sticker I would put it on my death bed


But… My birthday was on the 14th :stuck_out_tongue:


Sooooooon! tm



I’m terrible with stickers, I rarely use them. And when I do I regret it instantly. I just like collecting them.

Unless they’re vinyl decals, I love using those.


I’d put mine on my computer chassis along with the “Exported from Persephone” sticker I got from LootCrate


I actually won 5 Evolve stickers from @SomewhatAwesome.

I put one on the side of my bed, one on my table, 2 on the Xbox and one on my controller, which didn’t exactly work out.


I still want this jack statue



oh my god! A jack amiibo! I knew evolve was coming to the wii u!!!


That one is way bigger than a regular amiibo though, also check the Kraken statue, so pretty but way too big (if only they would sell a few miniature models)


naw it’s an amiibo


If it’s a vinyl sticker you can put it on your car and it can go with you everywhere!


Is that what you did? Unfortunately I dont have a car (no reason for it where I live, as it is winter for 6 months and then summer for 6 months, also I live in the urban area so bike+metro/bus is better :stuck_out_tongue: )


Vinyl stickers can be slapped on anything and go anywhere, and most should be waterproof. You could put one on your bike or on your laptop or Ipad.


I want the Brute Plasma Rifle scale model holy shit. They’re sold out, though. Those were the best weapons in Halo 2. Also, the Borderlands weapons. Those are nice.

On topic; I used to use lots of stickers, but now they’re kind of “meh” for me. Don’t think I’d buy an Evolve sticker.


Evolve sticker? I’m still waiting for a PS4 Evolve theme.


probably get 2 stickers and do this.