If You Could


Create one thing that would change the world what would it be?

Mine: Glasses that do all the thinking for you (Not like Google Glass, that’s just stupid)

  • Homework
  • Taxes


Advanced robot butlers, like Codsworth from Fallout :stuck_out_tongue:


A robot that would kill all the stupid people, then write a thrilling autobiography.



Robots ftw.


I’d make a device that would allow us to cross realities. I’d enter the reality in which everyone was Crow, myself included, and destroy the device.


A massive spaceship that people can live on that will also make space travel and exploration a normal part of our lives. :slight_smile:

I’d totally live on it, too.




Not sure if you mean something to remove or add so…

I hate it; racism, sexism, homophobia. I hate all of it, and if you discriminate, then I hate you.

100% organic, bio-mechanical humans. Like the Sariff ending for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


I’ll never really know if BB-8 is supposed to be giving Finn a thumbs-up or flipping him off.


Torvald Stavig.



I just want a portal gun.


I’m not to in touch with with the latest technological advancements, and it’s finally driven me to ask- where did you all get such wonderful gifs? (Will be inserting joker gif after I receive the answer)


Same as me- both.


Two words; Energy Converter.

If it is in the realm of possibility, it would be awesome to take all forms of energy and filter them through a device that converts it into electrical energy.

For instance: humans and animals emit enormous amounts of heat energy caused by internal bodily functions, all of which work because of food and water. The energy we produce is wasted and emitted back into space. A device that can change heat, light, and other forms of energy into electrical means that we could have an unlimited amount of renewable resources. The future of the Jetsons and Futurama could be a reality with technology like this.


That one I got from the Star Wars app. But I have a collection of several hundred high quality gifs I’ve been collecting for a while. :smiley:


Snap. I thought it was like a meme generator. Or at least a specific website to…search…for…gifs…



I want an X-wing, screw being a jedi! Star fighter pilots are where it’s at!


I’d still choose Jedi. Jedi can be rebuilt. There’s no coming back from