If you could transform in to any animal what would it be?


I would be a.

#Cheetah i would be a black cheetah but there aren’t any >.<

They’ve got my favorite things.

  • Stealth
  • Speed
  • Surprise


You could be an awesome King cheetah…

Me, I’d be a Red Wolf or a Thylacine.


An albino deer! Because why not. :yum:


Doge. Nuff said




A crocodile, I just love them! Even when I was a kid I had a crocodile plushie!! :smiley:

And I still have it!!



Coolest animal ever


The Colossal Squid. Bigger than a giant squid, with bony hooks at the tips of the tentacles and rings of teeth in its suckers. This thing is believed to win fights with whales.

No good pictures due to their habitat, so here’s a kraken.



this is a hard one I think I’m gonna need to take a bit of time to think about it :wink:


:smile: I would never guess maybe a lion? (Sarcasm is great) :smile:


Nuff said.


I think I’ve settled on a moose.


lols I figured you would have picked a tiger.


Naw man that’s too obvious they’ll never suspect a trojan moose.


Sandshrew…? You’re real?? :astonished:


An Axolotl!

Love these little dudes! :grin:


I’d like to be a crow or raven.

That or perhaps a pygmy owl.

Honestly, I want to be a bird. I want to soar and feel the wind. I want to be free from the Earth. I’ve been tied so long to this blasted planet. To be able to create my own freedom, if for but a while, would be a dream come true.


Meteor Goliath! <3

Real animal? Meteor Go- Fine, Komodo Dragon!

They’re pretty badass. They can swim and dive up to 300 meters, outrun a human and for a longer duration, so you better hope you’re an Olympic runner with steroids or something. They can also dig! They make burrows for themselves and for nests. They are also cannibalistic and will eat anything with meat, even dead bodies! They have venom in their glands they can squeeze out and have more than 50 bacteria in their mouth from eating too much! Seven of them alone could kill you, yay! They can grow to be ten feet long and weigh up to 300 pounds. They swim across the Indonesian islands and can smell blood from a long distance.

I would be a lazy one.

A nice family (stranger) feast!


I would be a little sloth :smile:


wolf nuff said