If you could redesign three maps from any game into EVOLVE what will you choose?


Say the day comes where the community can make their own maps (say, never in a million years), what maps would you love to see or make?

  1. War Games - Titanfall

A super cool futuristic map, end to end I’d say it’s about as big as Fusion Plant it has long lanes with awesome LOS breaking, the design of the current map can already fit into EVOLVE pretty well. Just need to be scaled out more to fit the Behemoth in. Plus the intro is super cool. Imagine going into a game and instead of a drop ship you go into a pod that runs a multi hunter combat stimulation training.

Level 40 Trapper detected, prepare for combat. Stimulation is: Hunt

  1. Swamp Fever - LEFT 4 DEAD 2

One of my favourite maps from L4D2. The whole campaign map is pretty big, so if we were to have the tools needed. I’d like the first chapter and finale to be one of the many sections of the map, with the 3 acting as the central area where the relay is.

Lazarus approves of this campaign.

With EVOLVE’s engine, people could make the maps really wet and luscious. like the claimed screen shot of the source engine 2 renderation of the map.

  1. Angel City or Runoff - Titanfall.

Really hard to choose between the two, Dig Site was also one I considered but I realised we already have a map like that.

Angel City

Angel City, one of the games best maps. Buildings provide great barriers and great places for both monsters and hunters to fight in.


The multiple elevations available in the map will make for some interesting monster play, either stay down below or go on to hunt in one of the many bigger indoor areas.



I would want to make any of the levels from Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2, but the only one’s I could really see working would be endor and tatooine, but I’m not a game designer




Zanzibar from halo
whiterun because why the hell not :wink:


Waterfront from APBR ( Hell yea open world monster vs hunter , cuz WHY NOT ?)
Thats all i want !


de_dust, de_dust2 you get the joke.


Alien isolation ship into a map for the wraith <3


Wraith in them ships?


Mini human sized wraith’s :wink:


I had a thread somewhere about wanting a map where the “transport ship” you rescue on the fueling tower map gets attacked by pirates, and the hunters need to go on board and kill the monster before it A) Destroys the ship, B) Falls into the wrong hands.

So the ship is a large cargo transport, with many corridors and sections. Instead of wildlife, the monster needs to feed off of pirates, civilian refugees, and dead bodies from the in-fighting. Obviously no birds… but maybe people roaming the ship will press panic alarms if too many people go missing at one spot.

Just thought it would be an interesting mode.

Love the titan fall maps… Watching it makes me want to play the game again… but I remembered nobody plays it on PC… Oh well.

Maps from L4D2 would be awesome… The ranches and settlements on shear are very few and far between… It does make me wonder where all the people live, and what’s going on. Such high tech fortifications, and practically wooden huts for living.


Yeah. Ship map would be cool. I dont really care much about how the monster got inside the ship (unlike others that would just go insane about how its impossible for the monster to get on) but i just want the ship map.


Was going to suggest a transport ship map but you’ve beaten me to it


Facing Worlds & Facility from UT :stuck_out_tongue:

4 v 1 Capture the Flag OP!


Any map? From any game?.. heheheHAHAHAHA!
The water temple from Ocarina of Time! Or any Zelda game, really! And just to give the monster a chance, it would be properly scaled.


Shipment from CoD 4

Rust from MW2

Showtime from CoD Ghosts


The zero gravity space ship map from Crysis 1 that let you fight on the ceiling. Bonus it’s already in cry engine.


The planetside 2 map.
Find me now.


I do t remember the name of it but the planet with those gaint bug Insect like creatures


Which map is that?


New Mambasa from Halo:ODST