If you could make a hunter


Now that the BIG Alpha is coming to a close, and the third tier hunters have been revealed, we all have a pretty good idea of what a balanced hunter looks like. If you had to design one of the new fourth DLC hunters, what class would it be, and what abilities would it have?

After playing the alpha, I have come to love and bond with at least one hunter from every class, except for assault and trapper. I do enjoy playing as all of the hunters, but those two classes just lack the “THIS IS MY HUNTER” feel for me. So If I had to make a new hunter, I would make a new Trapper!

The role of the Trapper is to find and contain the monster, which can be difficult if you are up against a particularly stealthy opponent who loves to double back on you or set up ambushes. The first ability of my new trapper, would be a Heart Beat Detector. It would operate in a way similar to the monsters smell ability, allowing me to anticipate a potential pounce attack, or pinpoint a hidden monsters position with ease. It would probably have a somewhat shorter range than the monsters smell ability, but may make monsters start taking that smell range perk :stuck_out_tongue: this ability I feel is comparable to Daisy, Griffin’s sound spikes, and Abe’s tracking dart

My second item would be deployable gravity traps. They would have a range 25ish percent larger than Markov’s mines, and when a monster hits that area, it is pulled in toward the center of the trap for a couple of seconds, and has one of his stamina bars expended. This helps to temporarily reduce a monsters movement, and ability to escape/position.

My new Trapper’s main weapon would be duel wielded pistols that he flips off his belt old western style :stuck_out_tongue: They would be fairly low damage, and only have a medium effective range, but can be fired at a decent speed.

The Trapper class ability is the dome, so naturally he has that too!

While I thought about my new Trapper, I have come up with a name and image for him! His name is Archie, and he is a very mousy looking guy. He is somewhat of a machine wiz, and gets along well with Hank (my favorite character :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, I want to hear all of your ideas as well! Make them as thought out and detailed as you can!


I’ve never been one for building a whole backstory for characters, but I’d build an assault with a dual underslung minigun setup. His primary and secondary would be just one gun or two, and while firing both, he has to stand completely still. The kicker is that his third ability isn’t damage at all, but a harpoon tether that straps him to the monster. The tether keeps him at a set distance from the monster, and fires two harpoons, which the monster has to break before it can shake him. While tethered, he can fire both miniguns without penalty, dealing incredible damage, but also being in a very predictable position. This tether ability would be very short range, so he’d have to get as close as Hyde does with his flamethrower.

This system creates a powerful “this is my moment” for the assault player, followed by moments of backing off and waiting for the shield/tether combo to come back up. I’d put the tether cooldown at half of what the shield is, allowing for the Assault to still feel awesome if he is willing to risk doing it without his natural shield. At the same time, getting a high position and busting out the double guns can still create effective moments if the player thinks while they are playing.

I guess taking a pot shot at backstory, I’d have him be a big daredevil character, kind of like Vin Diesel in XXX. Markov already does have a claim on being the only one having fun, but I think that kind of thing can be shared.