If you could have anyone (limit of 12, and can be anyone alive or dead) over for a dinner party, who would it be?


I always enjoy these kind of questions, and was just reminded of it elsewhere. So I figured I would post the scenario here. I’ll throw my list together later. Also, what would your discussions be? (Can be fictional or non-fictional.)


Fiction + Non-fiction?


Yeah, fictional or non-fictional is fine.


Ender Wiggin (From Ender’s Game)
Jane (Also from the Ender’s Game series)
Bean (Also from the Ender’s Game Series)
Albert Einstein
Carl Sagan
Jesus Christ
Orsen Scott Card
John Sheridan (Babylon 5)
G’Kar (Babylon 5)
Kosh (Babylon 5)
My Wife
My Son

Lots of discussion topics. As you can tell, a lot of science related speakers, as well as (What I think) good humanitarians. I think the list of possible discussions would take forever to list. But that is my list anyway. At least for now.


Interesting topic and one I might not be able to come up with 12 for.

My feast of the fondly remebered would have to include the following guest list"

1.) Oscar Wilde
2.) Martin Luther King Jr.
3.) Sally Ride (the Astronaut)
4.) Neil De Grasse Tyson
5.) Harvey Milk
6.) Maya Angelou
7.) Leonardo Davinci
8.) Professor Charles Xavier (fictional)
9.) Frida Kahlo
10.) Stan Lee
11.) Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed-fictonal)
12.) William Shakespeare

There’s obviously have to be lots of room between courses for important discussions about the nature of humanity and breaks to restock the wine and such. Great idea for a thread.


Interesting group there.

I do have to draw into question whether Orson Scott Card could be considered a “humanitarian” given his ardent and dubious contempt for homosexuals.


Until one acts on their beliefs, I think you would be hard pressed to say someone is/isn’t something based on their opinions and not their actions. That being said, I didn’t mean to imply that they were all humanitarians. For instance, one is an alien. Can he be a humanitarian?


Being a humanitarian is about more than simply being human, its about genuine compassion for humanity itself. That said, I think an alien could be a humanitarian if they genuinely cared about humanity at large.

And I whole heartedly disagree. Writing hateful screeds about how homosexuals are destroying the universe and ought to be locked up does not a noble person make.


Again, I’m not defending him. The statement I wanted to write originally is that I have some invited for the Science minds and others that are Humanitarians, sometimes both.


My list would consist of:

Catherine the Great (Empress Catherine II of Russia)
Gene Roddenberry
Genghis Khan
Hideo Kojima
Hirohito (Emperor Showa)
Isaac Asimov
Larry Page
Nikola Tesla
Oda Nobunaga
Roy Batty (Blade Runner)
Robert Heinlein
Sun Tzu

The main discussion would be largely about transhumanism, the future of science technology, and what strategy and tactics to be used in order to apply such across the world as efficiently as possible.


Fair enough. I have a bunch of friends that got a lot of joy from Enders Game, but I looked Card’s writing up when I was in college and…well, let’s just say some of his other, personal writing fly in the face of the themes in Enders Game.

The Science minds aspect of your dinner party inspired mine somewhat too.


Agreed, and while I may disagree with some of Card’s views, his writing towards the later part of the Ender’s Sage regarding the ability to create matter and the ‘outverse’ was extremely intriguing.


So after giving it more than a cursory glance, there are quite a few other people that I feel should be on the list. Alexander the Great, Captain Moroni, and a few others… drats :stuck_out_tongue:


If I wanted to be boring, I could’ve just added every one of the main humanoid Cylons to my list. Any -1- of the Eight Major Cylons has it all.


Heh. Though to be fair, what they did with Cavil’s model/character in the last episode didn’t really make a lot of sense.

  1. MacMan
  2. SlabOMeat
  3. DamJess
  4. Chloe
  5. GentlemanSquirl
  6. Matthew
  7. r00k
  8. Plaff
  9. SlinkyGuy
  10. FrontlinerDelta
  11. The_CreatorX
  12. Alex_Versnel
    Ultimate Evolve discussion dinner


I would invite 11 people I dislike and then Godzilla. I think you can get the picture.

  1. Micheal Bay
  2. Roland Emirech (don’t know how to spell name not going to bother)
  3. That person at Gamestop who wiuldn’t let me sell my ps3 game since the store litterally just oppened
    4-11. Random people who have done things I don’t like
  4. Godzilla so he can step on everyone.


Can I come?


I’ll try making room at the table. I felt bad leaving out some of the other more active members lol Last couple of spots were hard picks