If you could have 3 super powers


Hey guys… I am kind of bored at the moment, so I want to know. If you could have any three super powers what would they be and why? Let’s assume you can’t have a super power that gives you all super powers, or anything that breaks the system. For me the three super powers would be regeneration, invisibility, and a mental shield that prevented things like mind control, telekinesis, reading thoughts etc. I think with this combo you would be basicaly unstoppable. Regeneration would prevent your death and free you from disease and what not, with invisibility you would be almost impossible to locate and could use that to your advantage in so many ways, and with the mental shield you would be impervious to mental super villains! I would carry a 50 cal anti material rifle as my weapon :stuck_out_tongue: I think I would be unstoppable


could your mental sheild protect you from bullets and projectiles?


or just things, that have to do with people trying to get into your mind?
or lifting you mentally?


The ability to create , modify and destroy Super Powers.


doesnt that break the rules with the first one? having the ability to create super powers?


no, but regeneration would :stuck_out_tongue:


That kinda breaks my rule :stuck_out_tongue:


i mean doesnt it break the system if he has the ability to create super powers?


Yes I say it does!


Well… poop.


invisibility might not work do that light passes right through you, therefore no light hits your eyes making you blind.

then again maybe I’m just thinking too much into it. :slight_smile:


Think of it more as light just bends around me :stuck_out_tongue:


Same problem then light bends around you, therefore it doesn’t get to you eyes. :smile


so id have fire witch fire balls count, telekinesis, and acid, and to add a minior competiiveness to it :stuck_out_tongue: lets say i was the villian id weaken you by acid, and before you had enough time to regenerate from the acid, burn you, then scatter your ashes, if you did have the power of regeneration, it would take a long time to regenerate from that :stuck_out_tongue: any moves youd use against me?


alright then maybe for some reason light doesn’t refract off of me, or I cause some sore of electrical interference in your brain so I don’t register :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, first you would have to find me, before I found you! I could take you out from two miles away with my sniper :stuck_out_tongue:


but the telekinesis only doesn’t effect you i could deflect the bulled with telekinesis and throw it back at you, haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I’ll concede to that. :smile


Anyone with Time Travel would destroy you.


not if he died before he could time travel, and was taken out without expecting it