If you could get a lifetime supply of something, what would it be? Why?


I’m going to keep these discussions coming. :stuck_out_tongue:


money… (dumb 10 char min…)


Money. If I have a lifetime supply of money, I can convert that into anything I want :stuck_out_tongue:


Generosity… the ability to be generous to all… World Peace solved 2014


What is wealth without humility? What is wealth without wisdom?


Except love Brandini. Except for love.


What is humility & wisdom without money to pay your bills and fill your stomach. And @JuiceFan1998 you are correct, it won’t buy love, but if you know what you’re doing, you can still find love. If I had all the money I wanted, I wouldn’t have to work, which would give me time to live my life and find love rather than live the daily grind


If you have both of those, and you share it, then you will never be hungry. For if people around you are wise and humble they would never let another human starve either in mind or body. Socrates <3


They would have to be willing to receive humility & wisdom. Not everyone is willing and not everyone is able


What is humility without honesty? What is wisdom without truth?

Whether one would rather have money or one would have knowledge, what matters is the honesty they have with their self regardless of how ugly it is.


suprised no one said a lifetime supply of free evolve DLC. (yes content for the rest of my life lol). I too would take money. at the end of the day money does = happiness. its how you spend it and whom u spend it with.


If no one is left to receive either, then the world is doomed. :frowning:


Are you truly benefiting humility to lie? Is it more wise to be dishonest?



hmm cept the fact that i already found love. so for those who found their happiness already all we need is MONEY hahaha.


What about other people, would you help them find love with your money?


To answer for myself: knowledge. Like the serpent, the rose, and the desert, it is beautiful but deadly. Nothing more powerful; nothing more advance. It alone can destroy and create entire empires and worlds.

I would say yes, humility is much more often a lie born of perversity. We’re all humans, and humans are diverse creatures but we’re born in a physical world for a reason. :wink:


You never know everything , until you are dead.

You never truly reach ultimate humility, wisdom , or anything. The dream to become a master, is the perverse part. The idea of humility is by itself something which you can strive towards. If you try to be more in the image of humility or wisdom, you would not lie to become more like it.


Good thing I’ve died once or twice already. :smiley:

So they say.

Perversity is being strange. That’s all it is. Humans are not naturally humble creatures, we’re materialistic to begin with. When it comes down to it, to quote Robert Heinlein I too see altruism as at best a perversity of generosity, but realistically just a fictional tool people try to use to control others.


LOL damn cheat codes