If you could create the Evolve Monster cast what would you do?


So if you could create any of the monsters in Evolve, add or redo any monster in Evolve, what would you do? (not taking into account adaptations)
Here’s my list.

Appearance: Exact same.

Traversal: Leap over a large distance, 3 stamina bars that recharge over time.

Rock Throw: Grabs a large chunk of rock and hurls it at the target.
Leap Smash: Leaps into the air and smashes into the air, sending hunters upwards into the air.
Rage: Goliath gains a damage boost to all attacks, but after the ability effects are done, stamina recharge is cut in half.
Flame Breath: A cone of fire is created, setting everything on fire.

Playstyle: He’s a brawler, he gets in close and fights until he needs to run, or his target is dead.

Appearance: Same except for 1 change, when the tentacles aren’t in use they should fold up, curl up, or something close to the body, especially when sneaking.

Traversal: Fly in battle using 1 stamina bar that depletes over time, flying does expose more of your body but you gain more agility and a tactical advantage when using abilities.

Lightning Strike: Summons a column of lightning that can be moved around (it is summoned, then moves) dealing massive damage if target stays in too long.
Banshee Mines: The mines are sent to the destination, and then after arming for a few seconds will expand and target the nearest hunter or wildlife.
Aftershock: Aftershock is a guaranteed hit on the first hunter, but if another hunter/wildlife is in the area, it will bounce to that target dealing increased damage, and will keep bouncing until it runs out of nearby targets.
Vortex: Sends a…thing at the target area knowcking back the hunters and dealing damage.

Playstyle: A ranged fighter, staying up in the air to cast down pain without needing to get to close.

Appearance: Same as it is.

Traversal: Warp into a different reality, you become invisible but leave a trail when entering and a trail when exiting, uses a single bar.

Black Hole: Creates a small black hole at target region, must be somewhat close to the area, black hole pulls hunters towards it and deals damage when too close.
Abduction: When casted, you will lunge and capture any target you grab, then you turn into a shadow form and drag the hunter/wildlife with you until the timer runs out (Which is indicated by your shadow form becoming more like regular form). (basically what we saw in the Wraith Trailer)
Supernova: Creates a small field of power that increases damage output from Wraith and decreases damage intake.
Warp Blast: Travels to the target area and then creates a large explosion, short charge when landed and large AoE, but damage fall off is similar to Sunny’s nuke, high when close to the explosion but quickly decreases as you are father away, knockback stays same.

Playstyle: Unlike the original design of a ghost that can’t be tracked, or the modern wraith that is focused on brawling, this Wraith is more like a stalker, needing to stay near the hunters to be very effective, but is great at focusing single targets down.

Appearance: Same as it is now but the rocks that cover the eyes should be more like a visor, being able to reveal the eyes and then come back down.

Traversal: Rock Roll: Turn into a giant boulder and roll, dealing damage to those that get in the way. Wildlfie that get in the way under 2 meats are killed.

Rock Wall: creates a large wall of stone, highlights where the wall will be and turns any part of it red if it won’t spawn.
Fissure: Creates a large line of destruction that can climb walls.
Lava Bomb: Charges up for a short time and then sends out a small chunk of lava, deals heavy damage at first and then DoT if you stand in the fire remains.
Unsettled Ground: Turns the nearby ground in a circle into rocky terrain, making movement of hunters harder by making all speed slightly slower (for hunters and wildlife) and creating small ridges that need to be jumped over.

Playstyle: Similar to Goliath Behemoth is very much a in your face character, but unlike Goliath Behemoth makes his battlefield, turning the bad battlefields into a favorable place to murder.

Appearance: Looks mostly the same, I would make the back legs a bit longer and have the butt be lowered down a bit.

Traversal: Using 3 bars, use a tendril thing to whip around the map, holding it down will attach you to any surface.

Acid Spray: Spews acid from the mouth, leaves the ground covered in acid and any hunter or wildlife that is caught in the spray before it lands will be coated in acid.
Spider Trap: Launches a spider trap that is invisible until activated, detects cloaked enemies, will run away to deal damage over time.
Web Snare: Deals small damage but slows movement speed and jetpack, as well as doing damage over time (but not a lot)
Mimic: Take control of a clone of yourself that will explode when it loses health or you command it to. The actual Gorgon gains a small damage reduction, but will lose control if it takes too much damage.

Playstyle: Gorgon is one that need to stay in the battle for a while, she deals damage over time, she doesn’t have a lot of initial burst, but when she starts chaining abilities she can take down the hunter team very fast.

Appearance: A combination of several parts, it looks like several pieces of flesh were just mashed together, this monster has 4 spider like legs with 2 hands, 3 visible eyes.

Traversal: The large chunks of his body split up and fly to the targeted area, uses 3 bars, all parts deal normal 1x damage.

Suicider: Throw a bomber parasite that will burry itself in the ground, and then when a hunter Is near will surface and then explode.
Swarm: Spawn flying parasites that target the hunter Host last hit, or the nearest hunter if the last target is dead.
Fungal Growth: Launches a spherical spore, when it lands on a wildlife creature, it will make the creature extremely hostile towards hunters, if landed on a hunter it will drain health from them over time.
Tumor: Uses a parasite to create a straight line of something to cause small tumors to cause instant damage and a small speed debuff.

Playstyle: Host is focused on trying to stay away from the fight and fight with its minions, using it’s traversal to dash between areas and using the different parasites to fight several hunters at once, or focus down another hunter.

I’ll be adding more monster later, more original ones


Wow! Nice, I’ll add mine in tomorrow when I have time


Mines simple. Never make kraken or wraith.

However that would be Interesting for krakens traversal bar to work like behemoths rather than goliaths.