If you could create a character who uses Halo weapons, what would it be?


Basically what the title says.

now if you don’t know what Halo is you probably lived under a rock with a solar powered T.V. halo is a fps game which has but is not limited to:
-religious Aliens
-Americans waging war on said religious aliens
-robots made out of humans that were made by aliens
-floaty robots WITH lasers
-and super people in super armor

I suggest you look it up before posting on this thread.
IF YOU DO KNOW WHAT HALO IS then post away a hunter with halo tech as their tech!
thanks, and have fun!


I want an assault with the gravity hammer as a main weapon and the railgun as a secondary. He could have the bubble shield too, except he could shoot out of it and the monster couldnt get in it.

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Monster with a Halo as a weapon

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