If you could build the dream team

You can use characters pre nerf and post buff like pre nerf torvald
Edit you have to follow base rules for one trapper support medic and assault

2 Laz 2 Hanks. Or 3 Hanks 1 Laz

Caira without her radius nerf, Cabot pre-nerf, Griffin or Abe pre-tracking dart nerf, Torvald or Markov pre-nerfs.

4 Daisy and 1 Gobi


Behemoth with all traversals AT THE SAME TIME!
That’s right! Goliath jump into a Kraken fllight whilst Wraith dodging side-to-side through teleportation all whilst in ball-form to become the ULTIMATE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE!


Theoretically, 4 slims would be the best team made ouy of a single hunter.
But, my favorite would have to be 4 buckets: 20 turrets! And imagine the dialogue! :smile:


prenerf release wraith as trapper
beta kraken as assault
hank as support and caira as medic

Original sunny original Torvald Laz and t5 trapper post buff.

Caira + 3x Hanks.

Or maybe 2xLaz 2x Hanks

How will you dome? Or will you just wait for him to try to evolve?

You don’t need no dome, just play tthe time. The Monster can’t hurt you anyway.

Pre beta nerf or just pre warp blast radius buff range nerf?

@chrono 20 turrets o.o that wouldn’t even be fair 800 dps dear sweet jesus. Just camp the relay and have them switch off using cloaks.

Pretty much just 4x Parnell.

They’ll just casually go get a beer while camping the relay, then at the stage 3 engagements they will just jokingly and half-drunk shoot down the full armored Monster in 10 seconds.

the one that darts around the map like its nothing and can be invisible while doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

So beta wraith. That thing was horrid. Could warp around while decoy’d. I hated it sooo much.

No dome needed tbh. Unless Wraith with Decoy, the timer is always gonna end the game in the teams favor. And Wrait is… well, beatable.

Pre-nerf Torvald with pre-nerf Sunny with Griffin as he is now and Slim as he is now. So prettymuch Tier 4 pre-nerfs (and current build Slim, he got buffed) with Griffin.

Could I just get a team full of lennoxes? Monsters become punching bags for days.

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Caira Caira Hank Hank

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Are people forgetting about how pre-nerf Cabot did 30 to 40 k damage? D:

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