If you could add a character from a TV show, movie, video game, etc, what would it be?


I’d have to go with Doomguy, I mean he would be a badass overall, and kill tons of monsters in brutal ways. here are some skills I’ve thought up:

Primary: Super shotgun

Secondary: Rocket Launcher

utility: Chainsaw

Class ability: BFG 9000

Passive: can take keycards off of dead Ebonstar/Nordita personell and use them to open doors previously locked.

so what kind of character would you want in your evolve? comment!


Geralt of Rivia

  1. Dem abs
  2. Dat voice
  3. Does scars
  4. Tough competition between doomguy in badassery
  5. Enhanced senses, kills monsters for gold

PRIMARY= Silver sword
CLASS= Quen sheild


Adam Jensen

Primary: Assault rifle

Secondary: Sniper Rifle

Utility: Tranq darts.

Class ability: Typhoon self defence system


Handsome Jack from the Borderlands series

Support Class
Primary: Wrist Lasers
Secondary: Throws a small dome that shields hunters standing inside until broken
Utility: Creates 2 digi-jacks of himself to confuse the monster, have less HP and deals minor dmg

Tbh all of the playable characters from the Borderlands series would make great Hunters, they would all carry a certain primary depending on their skills in BL, secondaries would require a bit of thought to be different enough and benefit the team, and they all have an active ability for their utility. Get ready for a long post of BL hunter ideas…

Assault class
Primary: Maliwan incendiary SMG
Utility: become invisible, burn the area around her, shoot to end and deal an explosive fire nova. Doesn’t last as long as Laz/support for balance reasons

Modecai is basically a copy of crow with Bloodwing and snipers

Medic class (keep reading)
Primary: Dahl burst assault rifle, burst fire while ads, full auto hip-fire but high recoil
Secondary: Moxxi life leech grenade, homes in on monster, and leeches hp to the most damaged hunter
Utility: Scorpio turret fires at the monster, has a low rate of fire but heals hunters standing near it

Assault (obviously)
Primary: Jackobs double barrel shotgun, fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, quick reload, fires a lot of pellets
Secondary: Scav/Bandit rocket launcher, basically parnell’s rocket launcher
Utility: drops weapons, gains huge dmg reduction and starts punching the monster in the face!

Assault class
Primary: Torgue assault rifle, deals splash damage
Secondary: Norfleet, fires 3 plasma balls randomly that explodes. Fires twice before reloading (doesn’t damage monster if it doesn’t hit like in BL2)
Utility: 2 sabre turrets that can teleport to its target, stick to surfaces, fires a volley of rockets occasionally (no shields or slag for balancing)

Primary: Maliwan corrosive SMG
Secondary: can revive hunters from a distance, doesn’t prevent strikes, can’t rev dead hunters, cooldown is shared with utility
Utility: casts an area that when the monster is inside, hunters that damage it will recieve hp, no dmg=no hp

Support class
Primary: Vladof fully auto sniper
Secondary: Maliwan slag sniper, single shot, causes monster to take x2 dmg
Utility: cloak (because support class ability will be changed to shields in TU9)

Assault class
Primary: double penetrating unkempt Harold
Secondary: conference call
Utility: duplicates whatever weapon the player is currently holding to duel wield

Assault class
Can’t think of a primary/secondary for her
Utility: holds up her shield, blocks all damage and charges it to throw back at the monster, more damage absorbed results in a higher damage shield throw

Assault class
Primary: Maliwan Shock laser, deals extra damage to armour, less to hp
Secondary: shoulder mounted plasma laser, fast firing, would use more to damage the monsters hp
Utility: wolf/saint drones, wolf follows and harasses the monster shooting at it while saint provides 25% dmg res (due to TU9 assault skill is now 75% dmg res, not shield)

Assault class
Primary: duel wield Jackobs revolvers, similar to the Jack we have now
Secondary: Jackobs sniper that deals extra headshot damage, slow rof
Utility: auto-aim body shots and increased rof

Fuck Clap-Trap


Samus Aran, Metroid
Assault Class

Primary: Power Beam
Rapid rate of fire, long range, large battery, low damage per shot, can be charged

Secondary: Missile launcher
High damage. low rate of fire, one shot per clip, can charge for a minor homing effect

Utility: Power Bomb
Massive damage, slow to reload, slow to detonate after deployment


Ace ventura

a hunter who wants to help the monster enter in society


big daddy
primary: Rivet Gun
Secondary: Drill
utility: big daddy rage
Big daddy will make the monster move slower and big daddy will get faster
class ability : reduce damage by a lot to almost no damage
passive: isn’t affected by water and can call a big sister that will jump around the map to look for the monster


Tracer - Assault
Primary: Pulse Pistols (fast firing inaccurate small-mag pistols)
Secondary: Sticky Bomb (charges when dealing damage)
Utility: Blink (stores 2 charges)
Class Ability: Rewind (resets Tracer to 3 seconds ago)


February 10 2015 Cabot - support :3


ben 10 obviously he could turn into the monsters


no one watched that as a kid?

ok ima go sit in my cry corner again…


I suggested this when Evolve released.

The Predator. Single-handedly IMO no better fit.


I would like to see the Avengers as a hunter team.

Captain America as the Support.
The Hulk as Assault.
Scarlett Witch as the Trapper.
(I don’t know who would be medic)


Leatherface as Assault he is my fav. Movie and MKX Character :stuck_out_tongue:

Predator as Trapper and Xenomorph as Monster whould be cool too xD


Sledge from Rainbow Six Siege


Sledge Hammer. Close Range Melee attack weapon with extreme damage


The Desert Eagle! High Damage at close range, low at long. EXTREME RECOIL


Dead Stare: Makes the monster slower while in view range for a minimal period of time

Class ability: Damage Reduction


Kratos(God of war)

Ability 1: chains of Olympus primary damage dealer

Ability 2: wraith of the Titans huge damage dealer

Ability 3: medusas head slows the monsters abilities lol

Ability 4: team sheild

Kratos may need a rework


Monster don’t stand a chance!


I dunno…except for El…the rest got taken out pretty easily.


They where having an off day. We all have em


Hell of a day to be off. :slight_smile:



any of these folks