If you can't find wraith its your own fault


after going stage 2 i literally sat in a corner and kept making birds fly to try and get the hunters to come to me, they were close then ran away… it took 2 minutes for them to finally come to me when they knew exactly where i was. don’t be afraid of wraiths hunters. btw i raped them once they came


this is just situational, a more experienced hunter team would probably have found you


That doesn’t really speak universally to all hunters that dislike Wraith but that being said it can also be tough because when you see birds often you don’t go towards them with Wraith. You have to cut wide in a direction in order to get to where she’ll be so if you were just scaring birds and waiting they may have even ended up going off at an angle to intercept where they thought your path was going.


Monster is wraith, sit at power relay until it hits stage 3 then wreck it. Problem solved.