If you can't even keep up with your trapper


How are you going to keep up with a monster?


There are a lot of complaints about the lack of communication. It is frustrating to keep telling a pub team where to go and hoping they can hear even if they are not talking.

As last night my Griffin was ranked #56. I know how to cut off a monster based on what I believe is the current path it is taking. I try to communicate this to my team and watch their movement on the mini-map.

I always imagine the encounter happening like this:

Successfully cut off the monster and get the dome up.

Trapper: “Hey, monster. Remember me? I’m the guy you tried to eat. Only this time you can see I am NOT alone. Ha! You see those three bad a** Hunters over there?”

Monster looks and says: “Over where?”

I turn around and son of a b**** they are still 150+ meters away because they failed to listen to instructions.

Commence me dodging for my life waiting for them to show up.


If you can’t keep up with another hunter player with the same mobility as you then it’s a you problem… You have to learn efficient fuel management and boosts with the terrain/altitude. Not to mention often the main group will be chasing the monster and the trapper might cut around to head the monster off. Monsters tend to stay along the outer edges of the map and the hunters have the benefit of taking the inside track around with less distance in order to end up where they think the monster is going.