If you aren't watching ProdigyX stream of the Chappie Evolve tournament you are missing amazing game drama


It’s freaking amazing how immature and moronic some of these people are.


Like with his team?


You mean his drama lol




There’s been massive confusion over the rules because players were either disconnected or DDosed.

Prodigy despite known to having an ego is really calm and is the most mature on the team.


To be fair, I don’t like the ESL rules we had last week and I don’t think they changed much for this.


The tournament admin sent Prod a message over twitter saying that ESL rules don’t apply to this Chappie challenge apparently, if I’m not mistaken.


What is the confusion on the rules then?


It’s a real clustereff but first match the Monster that Prod’s team was fighting against DC’ed and didn’t come back in the match until 5:30 into the round and they restarted, next match Prod’s Medic got DDosed after the first dome and was MIA for the rest of the round and they lost and they wanted a rematch.

Then both teams started having a debate on what the rules actually are regarding DC’s and DDos and it was just mass confusion.


Do you have a link of the stream and the Twitter?


Here’s his stream, but the arguements have ended I think: http://www.twitch.tv/prod1gyx

I think the twitter might have been a PM, I don’t use twitter so I don’t know how it works.


Classic ESL, every team is too busy battling the rules to worry about battling the players.


Edit: I apologize in advance for the long post, I didn’t realize how much I typed until I hit the Reply button!

So basically this is how it went down (some people above said some stuff but I watched it for almost 6 1/2 hours on Saturday afternoon, still can’t believe I did that!).

At 3 PM ProdX contacted the other team. Those people messaged back, and then at some point said “hold on a min just took a bio break”. About 20 minutes went by, and no one contacted anyone, and ProdX team kept on talking about how after 30 minutes it would be a forfeit. Which is correct, but you think someone would have at least reached out and said “Hey guys, are we playing or not?”. Anyways, finally the other team got back in contact with about 5 minutes to spare.

So they pick their hunters/monsters, and the game starts loading. Game starts but monster is not in the game, he didn’t even load in. So they keep on playing against the AI monster, meanwhile the entire chat is saying that they need to restart, either to follow ESL rules and/or just in the nature of sportsmanship. It’s obviously not the monsters fault that he didn’t even get to load into the game. So early on, ProdX decides to restart even though Drift0r on their team is telling him not to. In the end, it’s fair, especially since the monster had messaged saying he didn’t get in.

So they restart, monster gets in, and here is where all the drama begins. About 6 minutes into the match, their medic drops. He claims he got DDOS’ed, and all the team is crying cheating, although how this guy knows he got DDOS’ed is beyond me, it could simply have been an internet drop. Not to mention how these guys would have so quickly found the random medics IP. Anyways, they CONTINUE to fight the monster, and don’t even talk about restarting, until eventually the monster beats them.

And that is when they start crying about restarting. Now that they lost, they want to restart. I can guarantee you had they won, they wouldn’t have said a single thing about restarting. They are claiming “it’s only fair”, even though they never once mentioned restarting and continued to fight the monster, and only said anything once they lost.

So now for over an hour, ProdX’s team and this other team go back and forth. They start involving ESL referees on Twitter (which is nothing official at all), and at some point the monster says “Ok, I will restart” at which point they all jump on it and try to restart. They start a lobby up, but then the monster either drops or loses connection. They then go and say that they are going to put in a win for the first game that they restarted, EVEN THOUGH THEY NEVER ACTUALLY BEAT THE MONSTER. They are just assuming a win because they got beat in the second round, and they somehow consider this to be “fair”. Granted, had they beat the monster in the first round that was restarted, I would say go ahead, but they didn’t even beat it, they restarted. Doesn’t matter if the monster only had 2 health bars left, we have all seen monsters come back and win with that.

So they go to the website, and that’s when they notice that the other team has put in a win for their win in the second round. So now ProdX team starts claiming that they are making false claims and start trying to contest it. They spend 20 minutes talking about this, even though they are trying to do the exact same thing by claiming a win in the first round. If anything, the other team actually has a claim since they won and ProdX’s team never actually won the first round.

After an hour and a half of match start, if neither teams has 2 wins, both teams forfeit. With about 5 mins to go, and these guys still can’t even get their third attempt started, someone on ProdX’s team yells out “Oh,we moved on in the bracket, what happened”. Now, how they all of a sudden went down 0-1 to winning 2-0 is beyond me when if you look at the bracket (http://chappiechallenge.com/tournament/match/31086811/) , the ESL admins state they still have yet to receive an official protest. So something fishy going on right there. At some point ProdX played his monster against them without telling the rest of his team, and it’s obvious this team doesn’t like each other very much since when they find out people start bitching at ProdX. That team won but t it didn’t appear to matter anyways (I have a feeling he lost but besides the point). They technically were the only team with 2 wins but somehow ProdX’s team goes through with 2 wins.

So the first team they played was pretty damn good, and pretty much wiped the floor with them (and crying about having a bot take over your medic when the game was pretty much lost was just an excuse). They then proceed to play two extremely crappy teams, including one in which the monster only had to down one of their teammates to win and instead ran away. These teams even mention that they only are getting through because of DQ, so it’s not like they are getting through by winning. So ProdX team is now in the 4th round of the bracket and start going “Did you even think we would get this far? Only two more and we go to L.A.”. Meanwhile everyone in chat can see that ProdX team is crap as well and is just getting lucky (mainly due to ProdX being a halfway decent monster).

So in the 4th round they face KPB, and this team is actually good. They play monster first and destroy ProdX’s team, at which point it is up to ProdX playing monster. A fairly decent match ensues, getting down to stage 3 and the standoff at the generator. ProdX manages to down 3 of them with a bar of health left. Only assault was left. They are going toe to toe, both health bars declining. Assault is down to a sliver of health, but so is ProdX. I see the game over screen starts to flash and I think the monster has won, but it pops up “Hunters win” so ProdX got downed at the last second.

He then proceeds to say “Screw this” and instantly kill his Twitch feed.

I will give some credit where it’s due, ProdX was by far the most mature on his team. This Drift0r guy was basically complaining the whole time and anytime he lost complained people were cheating. The team as a whole was just very inexperienced, they kept on asking basic questions about the game. It really was amazing to watch this team go as far as they did, and I sure wish they my team had been able to get together to play because I have a feeling we would have gone pretty far as well if this was the level of competition.

But in the end, it’s amazing to watch the drama unfold. I’m one of those idiots that likes reality tv shows so this was great stuff to watch while having some beers. If everyone had just asked a tad bit more mature and showed some sportsmanship it would have gone a lot better for everyone involved.


all i got out of this entire ordeal.

#xbox one.


They need to get their shit right, that drama was a pain to watch almost comedy, doesn’t matter who was in favor in the end, stuff like this just shouldn’t happen. They need to make a round table and cover everything needed to make a solid ruleset.


Kind of confused by your comment since that is the first time the word xbox appears. There also appears to be no Xbone either. Did I miss something?


well all these issues occur the most on xbox one. that is why the chappie tournament is in shambles. its hard to do a tourny when there are constant drops and issues. chappie tourney is xbone only.


Honestly this had very little to do with drops in the end, and more how the people responded to them. There were only 2 drops out of the 4 rounds of play I watched, and one of those had nothing to do with the game since they lost total internet connection (he lost connection to Skype and everything).

I don’t know why you would say the tournament is in shambles, did something else happen?


werent there issues in other teams matches as well? i saw one on twitch and they had to restart too. idk which one it was. i was busy with the ps4 tourney so i didnt get to watch much.


To be honest, restarts happen across all platforms for pretty much any game. People losing connection and/or dropping for whatever reason isn’t exclusive to Evolve or the Xbox One for that matter.

I only watched the ProdX one so I don’t know what happened elsewhere, sounds like there is no problem with the tournament though. Was really glad I got to watch, although I would have liked to have watched some of the better players but most of those didn’t stream on Twitch.