If you are the last man standing... RUN!


lMFAO… thanx to the last hunter my undefeated record came to an end :(… but long story short. If your entire team is down… please run from the monster so we can all respawn! This is not call of duty where you can solo an entire team. The monster WILL kill you, as he just did. The End


While 99% of the time I agree there is always an exception.

Last night I took on a level 3 kraken alone as Cabot for the win since he would have taken out the power relay before the dropship would have arrived.


Support should consider running if the medic goes down at well… depends on if the mosnter plans to camp the body or not, or if he’s content with a strike and runs away.


Hell, in PUGs, I already consider running once the second man goes down.


I usually run when there are only two of us up.


I’d say that if you’re down two hunters, better live for the next battle.
Also I’d say “run but watch out for carnivore plants and tyrants”. I’ve seen it happen. It was hilarious.


Depends as parnell I popped super soldier and dropped two bars of wraiths health before his supernova broke my shield all headshots.


Wow dude way to a brother on blast


I don’t bother running if it’s clear the monster has the better of us, drawn out games are boring.