If you are posting a BALANCE concern!


Please consider that the game has only been out less than 48 hours.

It is going to take at least a week for people to learn how to deal with stuff, if you are finding the game to hard, jump on the public Evolve group chat, talk to people, see what worked for them.

Even better, post here and have a discussion about how to counter certain monsters, hunters or strategies in modes you find hard. Many of us have had access to the game and learned directly from the Devs about this game. We are a resource to you but most of us roll our eyes at a thread say “X is OP” and will ignore it, but if a thread says “Need help: Monster on Nest” then we are more inclined to come and chat with you.

I know this thread may be buried due to the rate of posting but hopefully some one sees it and ask for help instead of complaining about things being OP.

Happy hunting.


This. So much this.

I would like it but I can’t for another 55 minutes.


Nerf Daisy. Nuff said.


It takes a bit of humility to ask for help. It’s too easy for someone with blind pride to scream OP!


Buff Daisy
Nuff said.